11/07/11 Africa notes

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  1. When was the UN formed?
  2. What was one of the first issues thrown at the UN?
  3. Where were the 3 places that Israel considered for their homeland?
    Palestine, Uganda, Argentina
  4. What the UN's original plan for Israel to have a homeland?
    split Jerusalem in half and give half to the Jews
  5. Who got the West Bank and the other half of Jerusalem other than Israel?
  6. When did the war between the Jews and the Palestinians occur?
  7. What does the PLO stand for?
    Palestinian Liberation Organization
  8. What country has the greatest number of Jews in the world?
    the US
  9. When did the 1 week war occur?
  10. What are a couple other names for the 1 week war?
    5 days war, 6 days war
  11. What was the typical route for trade for Israel?
    through the Suez Canal, to the Red Sea and out to the Indian Ocean
  12. How long is the Suez Canal?
    7 miles long
  13. When the Jews couldn't get through the Suez canal what were their 2 options?
    • through the Med Sea around Africa
    • through the land and to the Gulf of Aqaba
  14. What African general tried to stop the trade of the Jews and destroy them?
    generel Nassar
  15. Where did the Jews strike in Egypt?
    • the Suez Canal
    • the Egyptian air force
    • the Sinai Pennisula
  16. How long was the Suez Canal closed after the Jews bombed it?
    10 years
  17. Where did the Jews strike in the Jordan? what did they take back?
    • the entire west bank
    • Jerusalem
  18. What did the Jews take from Syria?
    the Golan Heights
  19. What did the Syrians do to provoke the Jews?
    They kept bombing their Kibbutz
  20. Where did the Jews move their capital from after the 1 week war?
    Telaviv to Jerusalem
  21. What happened to the Jews territory after the 1 week war?
    it doubled in size
  22. What Egyptian president decided to acknowledge Israel as a nation?
  23. Who did President Sadat meet with to settle things with Israel?
    Jimmy Carter and the Leader of Israel
  24. Where did Egypt and Israel meet to settle issues?
    camp David
  25. What did Egypt get back when they acknowledged Israel as a nation?
    They got back the Suez Canal and the Sinia Pennisula
  26. Who took the Gaza strip from Israel?
    the PLO
  27. Which US president got Jordan to recognize Israel as a nation?
  28. What areas would the Palestinians get to make their own state?
    patches of the north bank and the gaza strip
  29. Who created Zionism?
  30. Who was Herzl of friend of in Great Britian?
    Balfour, a major politician in GB
  31. What document did GB pass about the Jews?
    the Balfour Declaration, GB would back the Jews for a nation of their own
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