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  1. D&C 121
    Constitution of the Priesthood
  2. D&C 122
    All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience
  3. D&C 123
    Documenting Persecution: An Imperative Duty
  4. D&C 124
    A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established
  5. D&C 125
    The Will of God for the Saints in Iowa
  6. D&C 126
    Brigham Young: Well Beloved of the Lord
  7. D&C 127
    The Nauvoo Temple and Baptism for the Dead
  8. D&C 128
    Baptism for the Dead
  9. D&C 129
    Keys for Determining If Administrations Are from God
  10. D&C 130
    Items of Instruction
  11. D&C 131
    Keys to Exaltation
  12. D&C 132
    Marriage: An Eternal Covenant
  13. D&C 135
    A Tribute to the Martyrs
  14. D&C 136
    Organization of the Camp of Zion
  15. D&C 137
    Vision of the Celestial Kingdom
  16. D&C 138
    Vision of the Redemption of the Dead

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Doctrine Covenants

D&C titles part 3
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