Week 7

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  1. Amenable
    Open to or willin to follow advice or suggestion; tractable; malleable
  2. Infamous
    having a reputation of the worst kind, disgraceful, vicious, notoriously bad
  3. Inscrutable
    difficult to understand; mysterious
  4. Requite
    make return for (a service)
  5. Alchemist
    one who practices medieval chemistry, attempting to change metals into gold
  6. Ascetic
    austere, absence of luxury, self-denial
  7. Superflous
    beyond what is needed or required, an overflow
  8. Voluptuous
    pleasurable to the senses, sensuous
  9. Penitent
    showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
  10. Discern
    to differentiate differences in two or more things, to detect something obscure
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