Theology Work

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  1. Where is it located?
    covers east wall behind alter
  2. What does the work depict?
    What are the saints in the picture doing?
    • The Second Coming of Christ with Christ in the center and everyone radiating out around him
    • holding the instruments of their martyrdom rather than the actual scenes of torture.
  3. Although Michelangelo painted the Last Judgment, what had to be modified?
    cover the naked figures with loincloths and veils
  4. Talk about the fresco angles?
    prevent dust from settling on it and also improve the perspective of the work. At the top of the painting the cross, the crown of thorns, and other symbols of the passion of Christ can be seen.
  5. Who is at the center? What is he doing?
    • Christ
    • deciding the destiny of the human race. With a gesture of his
    • arms he damns a large part of humanity plunging them into hell, but some are
    • saved rising to heaven. Even the Madonna at his side seems to cower in fear at
    • the scene. The dead are awakened by angels’
    • trumpets and the Archangel Michael reads from the book of souls to be saved.
    • The larger book on the right contains a list of the damned destined for hell.
  6. Just below Christ is who?
    What is he doing?
    • St. Lawrence holding a ladder martyrdom on a grate over hot coals).
    • St. Bartholomew holds a sheet of his own skin in his left hand and in his right hand is a knife (flayed alive.)
  7. Who is on the left?
    St Andrew holding his cross and St John the Baptist is the powerfully built figure gazing across at Christ.
  8. Who is on the right?
    • St Peter holding a silver and a gold key, the
    • keys to heaven, (actually a portrait of Pope Paul III). Below Peter are St Blaise, who carries the iron combs used for his torture, and St Catherine, who holds the toothed knife of her martyrdom
    • St Sebastian is beside them with arrows in his hand.
  9. What is at the bottom?
    • At the bottom of the painting the boatman Charon can be seen ferrying the damned into hell.
    • The resurrection of the dead is shown at the bottom left of the painting.
  10. Lower down on Christ’s right is ___.
    the figure of a damned man whocovers one eye in fear of his terrible fate.
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