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  1. Nucleus (nervous system)
    collection of cell bodies in the CNS
  2. Tract
    a bundle of axons connecting nuclei (distant or neighboring)
  3. Gray matter
    cell bodies
  4. White matter
    interconnecting fiber tract systems
  5. Meninges
    pia, arachnoid and dura maters
  6. Pia mater
    innermost meningeal layer, delicate and transparent
  7. Arachnoid mater
    central meningeal layer
  8. Dura mater
    thick, tough, outer meningeal layer
  9. Subarachnoid space
    contains CSF that pushes the arachnoid against the dura in life
  10. Epidural space
    space separating the dura and vertebral canal; contains fat, the roots of spinal nerves, and the internal vertebral plexus of veins
  11. Peripheral nerves
    bundles of nerve fibers, their connective tissue coverings and blood vessels (vasa nervorum); may be either cranial (CN) or spinal
  12. Nerve fiber
    an axon, its neurolemma and its endoneurium
  13. Neurolemma
    cell membranes of Schwann cells that surround the axon; these may be myelinated or unmyelinated
  14. Endoneurium
    innermost of three connective tissue sheaths surrounding peripheral nerves
  15. Perineurium
    layer of dense connective tissue that encloses a fascicle, protecting it
  16. Epineurium
    thick connective tissue that encloses a bundle of fascicles and includes fatty tissues, blood vessels and lymphatics
  17. Somatic Nervous System
    Provides general sensory and motor innervaton to all parts of the body except smooth muscle, glands and the viscera in the body cavities.
  18. Ganglion
    collection of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS
  19. Dorsal Horn
    • Sensory relays in the CNS, from which the dorsal rootlets of the general sensory nerves (somatic) emerge.
    • (Cell bodies are located in the dorsal root ganglion.)
  20. Ventral Horn
    Cell bodies of motor neurons (somatic)
  21. Dorsal root ganglion
    Contains the cell bodies of sensory nerves (somatic)
  22. Dorsal ramus
    • Innervate the intrinsic (deep) back muscles and other posterior body wall tissues
    • *Do not* innervate extrinsic back muscles
    • NOT found in limbs.
  23. Ventral ramus
    • Innervate the lateral and anterior body wall and the extremities.
    • They are the ONLY nerves to the extremities
  24. Conus medullaris
    tapering termination of spinal cord at L1
  25. filum terminale
    extension of the pia mater that stretches from the conus medullaris to the coccyx and anchors the spinal cord inferiorly
  26. denticulate ligament
    small, toothlike extension of the pia mater that anchors the spinal cord to the vertebral column laterally
  27. internal vertebral plexus -- clinical significance
    • Helps facilitate venous return when necessary
    • Route for metastases from prostate to brain
  28. lumbar puncture
    penetrate the subarachnoid space below L1/L2
  29. epidural (block)
    anesthesia in the epidural space blocks the roots; usually sacral
  30. How many of each type of vertebrae are there?
    • 7
    • 12
    • 5
    • 4-5
    • 3-4
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