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  1. what is the best way to inflate an endotracheal tube cuff?
    inflate cuff while gently bagging the patient and listening for gas escaping around the tube.
  2. what is another name for a "circle system"?
    re-breathing system
  3. the oxygen tank should be changes when the pressure is:
    200 psi
  4. non-rebreathing systems are best used on animals that:
    weigh less than 8kg
  5. during anesthesia, the best way to fill the resivoir bag on the machine is:
    increase the oxygen flow
  6. a resivoir bag for a 45Ib dog should be:
    2 liters
  7. a half full tank of nitrous oxide gas has a pressure of:
  8. a pressure manometer in circuit is used to:
    monitor pressure in circle system
  9. when setting up an anesthesia machine for a procedure you should always:
    leak test the anesthetic machine
  10. what statement regarding "sighning" an animal is true?
    it helps prevent atelectasis
  11. the pre-measured length of the intubation tube should extend from the tip of the nose to what part of the dog?
  12. what is the maximum percentage of nitrous oxide that can be safley administered during anesthesia?
  13. the circulatory system can best be monitored during anesthesia by checking:
  14. what size oxygen tank is usually used for central oxygen supply throughout the facility?
  15. which of the following would be the best indicator of hypoventilation?
  16. a reservoir bag that is not moving may indicate:
    • the endotracheal is not in the trachea.
    • the animal is apneic.
    • there is a leak in the anesthetic circuit.
    • the endotracheal tube cuff is leaking.
  17. what color mucous membranes indicate lack of oxygen?
  18. what is the most accurate way to check if an endotracheal tube is properly placed in an animal?
    visualize the tube in the larynx
  19. what type of scavenge systen cannot be used when using nitrous oxide?
    activated charcoal absorber
  20. if each anesthetic gas has the MAC value listed, which is the most potent?
  21. which of the following is the biggest advantage of a non-rebreathing system?
    easier to overcome resistance
  22. by what mechanism is the endotracheal tube held in place in the animals trachea?
    gauze tie
  23. which of the following is a function of the rebreathing bag in an anesthetic circuit.
    acts as a reservoir for circulating gases.
  24. what is the name of the safety system used to prevent accidentally attaching a nitrous oxide tank to an oxygen yoke?
    • pin index
    • thread index
    • color coding
  25. to prevent atelectasis during surgical anesthesia,the rvt should:
    sigh the patient periodically.
  26. esophageal stethoscope
  27. doppler
    blood pressure
  28. capnography
    expired carbon dioxide
  29. pulse oximeter
    percentage oxygen in the tissue
  30. apnea monitor
    time between inspirations
  31. which of the following is the best indicator that an animal is at an adequate anesthetic depth for endotracheal intubation?
    jaw reflex
  32. what is the function of the "pop-off" valve on the anesthetic machine?
    controls the amount of air going to the rebreathing bag or scavenging system
  33. why are cats particularly difficult to intubate?
    sensitive larynx
  34. the oxygen flush valve:
    allows oxygen to flow into the breathing system without going through the vaporizer
  35. in dogs recovering from anesthesia, the endotracheal tube should be removed:
    when the swollowing reflex returns
  36. when using a titration induction protocol, you should initially give how much of the calculated total dose?
    1/3 to 1/2
  37. which of the following does not monitor mechanical activity of the heart?
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