us. history 2

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  1. 13th amendement
    abolished slavery
  2. Black Codes
    Denied African Americans the right to bear arms, serve on jury or hold public office. also imposed curfews.
  3. Civil Rights Act 1866
    sought to weaken the Black Codes
  4. 14th Amendment
  5. 15th amendment
    right to vote
  6. Carpetbaggers
    nothererners who went to the south after the civil war to further their own fortunes
  7. Scalawag
    Southern born white republicans hated by southern democrates
  8. Ku Klux Klan
    organized to drive out carpetbaggers and intimidate African Americans. organized by ex confederate soldiers that dressed as ghosts and were very powerful in the south
  9. Sharecropping
    Farming arangement where a family farmed a portion of a planters land and got a share of the crop
  10. Reconstruction Act
    The south was divided into five military regions under the control of generals from the north
  11. Out Come of Reconstruction
    • reluctant to take action for specific groups
    • concentrated on big buisiness and western expansion
    • opportunit to achive true equality and social justice
    • it would be close to 100 years before W. and B. could achieve legal and political freedom
  12. Post war problems
    • Economic: land destroyed, no slaves
    • Social: "Klan"
    • Political: South had to accept amendments
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