vocab ch 10

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  1. amity (n)
    [am f te]
    peaceful relations; friendship. As a token of their amity, the two neigh- boring rulers removed the barbed wire separating their countries and vowed never to make war on each other.
  2. amorphous (adj.)
    [f mor fes]
    without form or shape. Since his amorphous character changed every time he joined a new group of friends, no one knew quite what he really was like.
  3. coercion (n)
    [ko ur shfn]
    the practice of forcing a particular act or behavior.I find that coercion is seldom an effective way to motivate people since most folks resent being forced to do something.
  4. collaborate (v)
    [kf lab f rat]
    to work together; to cooperate treasonably as with an occu- pying enemy.The research department of the university and the pharmaceutical compa- ny collaborated in the production of the drug; the university providing the scientists, and the company the cash.
  5. detached (ad)
    [di tacht]
    standing apart; disconnected; disinterested. The bystanders walked by in detached silence as the elderly derelict took a pull from bottle concealed in the paper bag.
  6. deterrent (adj.)
    [di tur fnt]
    tending to prevent or discourage (someone) from acting. The conspicuous sign “Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted” was intended to be a deterrent to theft.
  7. enhance (v)
    [en hans]
    to increase as in value, cost, beauty... “The effect of this forceful poem is enhanced by contrast.” (Tucker Brooke)
  8. fledgling (n)
    [flej ling]
    a young bird; one that is young and inexperienced. “The young re- public, fledgling of the nations.” (Ross Lockridge, Jr.)
  9. languish (v)
    [lang gwish]
    to become weak or feeble; to become listless with longing (to pine). Under the sweltering tropic sun, the tourists and natives alike languished into a stupor.
  10. meager (adj.)
    [me gfr]
    thin; deficient; scarce; barren. The farmers of the arid highlands scraped a subsistence from the meager soil of their fields.
  11. oblivion (n)
    [f bliv e fn]
    state of being forgotten; forgetfulness. Having been defeated in his bid for election, the defeated candidate who hoped people would remember his great- ness, instead slipped into oblivion.
  12. parochial (adj.)
    [pf ro ke fl]
    pertaining to, supported, by a parish or church; restricted to a narrow scope. Having never read more than the sports pages, his outlook on world affairs was parochial and limited.
  13. predecessor (n)
    [pred f ses fr]
    one who precedes; an ancestor. Although not as well known as his predecessor, the succeeding president actually navigated more legislation through Congress.
  14. remorse (n)
    [ri mors]
    moral anguish; bitter regret. The judge was convinced by the con- victed criminal’s tearful appearance on the stand that his remorse was genuine; he promptly reduced the sentence to fifteen days suspended sentence.
  15. volatile (adj.)
    [vol f til]
    changeable; violent or explosive; evaporating rapidly. The issue of affirmative action was a volatile issue that produced violent clashes of opinion during the election debates.
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