CH-103 Chap 16

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  1. Chap - 16
    Carboxylic Acids and Esters
  2. Products of acid (Usually H2SO4 or HCl) hydrolysis of Esters are:
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  3. Esterification produces:
    • carboxylic acid and alcohol: Structure:
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  4. Products of Base (usually NaOH or KOH) hydrolysis of Esters are:
    Saponification results in the carboxylic acid salt and the corresponding alcohol.Image Upload
  5. Carboxylic Acid Structure:
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  6. Ester Structure:
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  7. Common name for Methanoic Acid:
    Formic Acid: found in Bee or Ant Stings: Structure:Image Upload
  8. Common name for Ethanoic Acid:
    Acetic Acid: Water & Vinegar Structure:

    Image Upload
  9. Common name for Propanoic Acid:
    • Propionic Acid: Structure:
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  10. Boiling points in Carboxylic acids are higher than alcohols, ketones and aldehydes because of:
    • Polar -OH groups forming hydrogen bonds.
    • Dipole-dipole attractions increase boiling points.
    • Formation of Dimers (Carboxylics can do this) increases Boiling Point.
  11. 4 Carboxylic acids that are soluble in water:
    • Methanoic acid
    • Ethanoic acid
    • Proanoic acid
    • Butanoic acid
  12. 3 slightly soluble carboxylic acids in HOH:
    • Pentanoic acid
    • Hexanoic acid
    • Benzoic acid
  13. Carboxylic acid reacts with an alcohol to form an:
    Ester and HOH
  14. A monosaccharide that contains 4 carbon atoms, one of which is an aldehyde group is classified as a(n):
  15. In a disaccharide, two monsaccharides are joined by what kind of bond?
  16. Under acid hydrolysis conditions, starch is converted to:
    • Maltose
    • Glucose
  17. Maltose can be classified as a(n):
  18. Aluminum hydroxide
  19. Monosaccharide produced upon hydrolysis of Amylopectin:
  20. When a carboxylic acid and an alcohol react in the presence of an acid catalyst usually (H2SO4) the reaction is called:
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