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  1. lurid
    adj causing horror or revulsion : Gruesome

    b. Melodramatic, sensational : shocking

    2. wan and ghastly pale in appearance
  2. cygent
    a young swan
  3. repast
    a meal or quantity of food r
  4. unalloyed
    pure; made of one substance not mixed
  5. diatribe
    a bitter, angry speech, tirade
  6. bane
    someone or something that causes destruction; nemesis or enemy
  7. cornice
    a horizontally projecting feature at the top of a wall or building near a collumn
  8. supercillious (super sillyus)
    cooly and patronizingly haughty

    assumptive, bumptious, cavalier, chesty, haughty, highfalutin, high-and-mighty, high-handed, high-hat, huffish, huffy, imperious, important, lofty, lorry, masterful, overweening, peremptory, pompous, presuming, presumptuous, pretentious, self-asserting, sniffy, stiff-necked, arrogant, superior, toplofty, uppish, uppity
  9. wheedle
    to influence or entice by soft words or flattery

    blandish, blarney, cajole, palaver, soft-soap, sweet-talk, coax
  10. pander
    to provide gratification for others' desires

    to seek to profit by catering to people's baser desires
  11. parochial
    narrow in scope, limited; related to the parish
  12. alacrity
    upbeat willingness or readiness cheerful readiness

    amenability, gameness, goodwill, obligingness, willingness
  13. acerbic
    • adj acid in temper, mood, or tone
    • acerb, sarcastic, acid, acidic, acidulous, acrid, barbed, biting, caustic, corrosive, cutting, mordant, pungent, sardonic, satiric, scalding, scathing, sharp, smart-aleck, smart-mouthed, snarky, tart,
  14. precocious
    • adj exceptionally early in development or occurance
    • exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age
    • inopportune, early, premature, unseasonable, untimely
  15. precipitate
    v to throw violently : hurl
  16. alcove
    • a small recessed section of a room : nook
    • summerhouse
    • an arched opening (as in a wall) niche
    • belvedere, casino, gazebo, kiosk, pavilion, summerhouse
  17. upbraid
    to find fault with or reproach severely
  18. spurious
    inauthentic, or untrue; from a false or improper source
  19. supine
    lying down face up
  20. ebullient
    bubbly, cheerful
  21. paroxysm
    any sudden, violent outburst
  22. incendiary
    inflammatory, causing fire, highly provocative, causing intence conflict
  23. procure
    to acquire or obtain
  24. nacent
    newborn; beginning to exist or develop
  25. sibiliant
    making an s sound; hissing
  26. unweildly
    bulky, cumbersome, hard to manage
  27. aperture
    an opening
  28. venal
    eager to exert ones influence in exchange for a bribe
  29. nugatory
    of no real value
  30. resplendent
  31. premonition
    previous notice or warning : forewarning

    anticipation of an event without conscious reason : presentiment
  32. innocuous
    producing no injury : harmless

    not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility : inoffensive, insipid
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