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    Landscape (Springtime fresco), island of Thera, Minoan culture, Bronze Age.
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    Bull-leaping fresco, palace of Knossos, Crete, Minoan culture, Bronze Age, 1550-1450 BC
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    Woman or goddess with snakes, from Palace of Knossos, Crete, Bronze Age, c. 1600 BC.
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    Achilles and Ajax play a game, Black-figure vase , by Exekias, Archaic Greek, 540 BC
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    Dipylon funerary krater, Athens, Archaic Greek, c. 750 BC.
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    Kouros, New York Metropolitan Museum, Archaic Greek, c. 600 BC.
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    Kore, from the Athens Acropolis, Archaic 520-510 BC.
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    • Death of Sarpedon, Red-figure crater , by
    • Euphronios, Classical Greek, 515 BC
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    Warrior from the sea off Riace, Classical Greek,460-450 BC.
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    Spear Bearer (Doryphoros), by Polykleitos, Classical Greek, 450 BC.
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    Aphrodite of Knidos, by Praxiteles, Hellenistic Greek
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    Scraper (Apoxyomenos), by Lysippos, Hellenistic Greek, 350 BC.
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    Alexander Mosaic, from Pompeii, (Helleni stic Greek (mosaic copy of a Hellenistic painting- c. 310 BC).
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    Laocoon and sons, Rome, 1st c BC- 1st c AD.
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    Nike of Samothrace, from Samothrace, Greece, Hellenistic Greek
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    Fresco of a painter at work, from Pompeii, c before 79 AD.
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    Portrait of a Patrician carrying busts of Ancestors, Roman Republic, c. 1st c BC
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    Emperor Augustus, from Primaporta, early Roman Empire, 1st c BC.
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    • Reconstruction of Pompeii, early Roman Empire,
    • before 79 AD.
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    Peristyle garden, House of the Vetii, Pompeii, early Roman Empire, before 79 AD.
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    Ixion Room, House of the Vetii, Pompeii, before 79 AD
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    Cityscape fresco, in the House of Synistor, near Pompeii, late Roman Republic, late 1st c BC.
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    The Arch ot Titus, Rome, 81 AD.
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    Spoils from Jerusalem, relief in the Arch of Titus, Rome, 81 AD.
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    The Flavian Amphitheater, or Colosseum, Rome, 80 AD.
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    36 Flavian Woman, Rome, c. 90 AD.
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    Reconstruction of the Palace of Knossos, Crete, Minoan culture, Bronze Age, 2000-1400 BC.
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