Child/adolescent disorders

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  1. depression in children/adolescents
    girls are at a higher rate than boys

    symptoms: feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, low energy and social withdrawal

    • somatic complaints and express feelings of being unloved, suicidal ideations
    • internet bullying has been associated with increased risk of suicide
  2. Bipolar disorder in children/adolescents
    differs from the adult type irritability is more prominent high rates of attention problems and anxiety

    symptoms become more evedent as they reach adolescent years

    unlike adults children exibit mood instability, temper tantrums, impulsivity, and subtle depressive symptoms
  3. Anxiety in children/adolescents
    • must be present for a month
    • must have impairment at home, at school or with friends
    • can be caused by life events such as death, new school, divorce
  4. OCD
    • obsessions reoccuring thoughts or images
    • compulsions repetitive behaviors
    • spends 1 hour a day and interfere with daily acitvities
    • sysregulation of brain circuits tha connect the cortex, basal ganglia, and thalmus
  5. Autisim
    • usually MR can have a seizure disorder
    • usually seeen before 30 months of age
    • social relatedness is disturbed
    • communication is delayed
    • appear aloof and indifferent to others prefer inanimate objects as opposed to human contact
    • rocking, hand flapping and peculiar interest
  6. ADHD
    • inattention, impulsiveness and overactivity
    • twin studies some family tendency
    • causes unknown
  7. ODD
    • disobedience, argumentative, explosive
    • low frustration tolerance and usually blame others
    • Co-morbid of anxietyy, mood disorder, ADHD
    • most common diagnosis in preschool
    • psych diagnosis
  8. Conduct disorder
    • more serious violations
    • social standards
    • aggression
    • vandalism
    • cruelty to animals
    • stealing, lying and truancy
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Child/adolescent disorders
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