11/09/11 Africa notes

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  1. Where did the Ghana civilization state?
    Gao and Timbuktu
  2. When was the Ghana civilization in existence?
    1000 AD
  3. What civilization took over Ghana?
  4. What civilization took over Mali?
    Songhai Civilization
  5. When did the Songhai civilization take over the Mali civilization?
    1400-1500 AD
  6. What civilization was the greatest in the Northwest African area?
    the Songhai civilization
  7. What did the Arabs trade most with the African nations?
  8. Ancient Egypt used to send ships down the coastline to Zimbabwe for what trade?
    chimpanzees, leopards, and birds
  9. What was Zimbabwe called by the Europeans?
  10. Why did the Europeans name Zimbabwe Rhodesia?
    because of Cecil Rhodes
  11. What company took over cape town, South Africa?
    the Dutch East India Company
  12. Why did the Dutch East India Company take over the southern tip of Africa?
    so they would have a halfway point between the Netherlands and the Spice Islands?
  13. Where are the spice islands?
  14. What did the sailors need to stay healthy for the look voyage?
    fresh water, wine, and fruit
  15. When did the Dutch East India Company take over Cape town?
  16. What people did the Dutch East India Company bring down to Cape town?
    Boers (farmers)
  17. During what time did the slave trade start?
  18. what continent is the only continent to have a period of time where they lost population?
  19. Where were most American slaves from?
    the Ivory Coast area
  20. Where does the Ivory Coast area reach to?
    from Senegal to Cameroon
  21. What things did the Europeans want from Africa?
    • slaves
    • ivory
    • gold
    • animals
  22. What two explorers were Jesuir priests who came to Africa from the Red Sea?
    • Paez
    • Lobo
  23. Who was the explorer who was a Scotsman who first went to explore Africa?
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