concept and terms

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  1. osteology
    the study of the skeleton
  2. taxonomy
    the science of biological classification
  3. estrus
    hormonally influienced period of sexual reciptivity in some female mammals that corresends to the tioming of ovulation
  4. new world monkeys
    • prehenstile tails (grasping)
    • flat noses
  5. stereoscopic vision
    having your eyes in front of face instead than opn the sides
  6. clinging and jumping
    trait that resembles monkeys
  7. homonid
    restricted sense of humans and relatives of humans closer than chimpanzees
  8. sahelanthropus tchadenis
    • found in Chad
    • cranium called "foumai"(hope of life)
    • about 7 mya
  9. epiphyscal union
    fusion of bones in a mammal as they age
  10. grooming
    sort of sexual selection
  11. prosimians
    • sometime slack one or more of the general primate cheracteristics
    • better sense of smell than other primates
    • smaller brains
    • tend to be solitary
    • vertical clingers and leaper
  12. types of prosmians
    • tarsiars- indonesia:nocturnal;solitary
    • loris;asia and africa;soltary;nocturnal
    • lemurs;madagascar,bounce from branch to branch
  13. apes
    • no tail
    • arms and legs are different sizes
    • flexible shoulder joint
  14. orangatans
    • type of ape
    • found in asia
    • males have fatty chheck pads
    • reproduce slowly(8 years)
    • same gestation as human
    • no estrus
  15. chimpazees
    • afican rainforest
    • largest living primate
    • males have silverbacks
    • 1 male and multiple females
    • knuckle walk
    • terrestial
    • 85% of diet leaves
  16. bonobo
    • african apes
    • longer legs
    • knuckle walk but walk on 2 legs easier than others
    • lil sex deaphorism
    • enormous amount of sexual interaction
  17. prehensile
    tail of an animal that has adapted to be able to grasp and/or hold objects(monkeys)
  18. brachiating
    Having arms or armlike appendages and a rotaing shoulder to suspend the body of an ape or hominid benetah a branch or to travel between branches
  19. ardipithecus ramidus "ardi"
    • is a bipedal ape
    • around 1990 in ethiopia
    • 4.4 mya
    • opposobale big toe
  20. biopedalism
    terrestrial locomotion where an organism moves by means of its two rear limbs, or legs.
  21. foramen magmum
    hole in the occipitial bone through which the spinal cord connects to the brain
  22. ethology
    scientific study of animal behavior
  23. old world monkeys
    • have no prehenstile tails
    • hook nose
  24. kanzi
    bonobo that used lexigrams in order to communicate
  25. dominance heirchy
    organization of individuals in a group that occurs when competition for resources leads to aggression
  26. knuckle walking
    one of the great apes traits
  27. orrorin tugensis
    • found in kenya
    • aorrioring means "original man"
    • about 6 myo
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