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  1. what charec. define animals,mammals and primates?
    • animals-mostly multicellular
    • mostly motile(can movie on own)
    • most ingest food to survive
    • primates/mammals -life in trees
    • prehensile hands and feet
    • stereoscpic vision
    • largest relative brain size of land mammals
    • small # of offspring & large parental care
    • reliance on learned behavior
    • social mammals
  2. what are the differences between Prosimians & Anthropoids
    • prosimians-member if the primate suborder prosimmi that includes lemurs lorises falagoes and tarsiers
    • sometimes lack one or more of the general primate char.
    • better sense of smell than other primates
    • tend to be solitary,often nocturnal
    • vertical clingers and leapers
    • anthropoids-
    • larger
    • all but 1 are diurnal(awake in day)
    • more complex brains
    • new world
  3. what are the differences between new and old world monkeys?
    • new world-prehenstile tails(grasping)
    • flat noses and 2.1.33
    • old world no prehenstile tails
    • hook nose
    • 2.2.3
  4. what are the differences between apes and monkeys?
    • monkeys-tails;arms and legs are same legnth
    • apes; no tail
    • arms and legs different legs
    • flexible shoulder joint
  5. what are the major charec. of the orang., gorillas, chimps, and bonobos
    refer to notebook
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