Art 100

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  1. Architet
    Apollodorus of Demascus
  2. facts
    • Monument to Prais emperor Trajan for his victoies in DACIA esatern Wuropa
    • 10 year was made Rome the richest
    • 70 contain Trajan making him the pattern motif
    • 1st stone monument of this kind
    • 3parts of the monument
    • captial there used to b a bronze statue of trajan but now its St. Peper
    • BASA 10x10x10' burial chamber ashes and his wife
  3. History
    • Apollodorus of Damasus creates a formula for Narritives
    • overlapping crunched upfigures
    • no perspective
    • no foreground or background
    • this formula lastes 1300 yrs
  4. Shaft
    • Scolls 625'
    • 150 scenes
    • 70 contain trajan making hin
    • Scenes are not in order execpt for the 1st scene showing posieden watching the roman legion cross the danube river on pontoon boats
    • width of the scene/spiral is 36' at the bottom and 52' top
    • Shaft is in sections
    • hollow on the inside with a spiral staircase
    • iron pins replace with steel
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