Art 100

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  1. Architects
    • Bramonte
    • Michel Angelo
    • Della Porta
    • Madero
    • Bernini
  2. Barmonte
    • Designs Floor palnd as a greek cross
    • but he dies before he gerts starts construction
  3. Michel Angelo
    • He Builds the Cathedral
    • he also designs the Exterior and Interior
    • Designs a perfect Hemispherical Dome, but dies before putting the Dome
  4. Dela Porta
    • Hired to finish the Dome but Michel Angelo left no calculations behind except a drawing
    • DP goes to Florence and is inspired by the Cathdral
  5. Maderno
    • Extends Greek cross into a Latin Cross
    • he bulit the new Facade
  6. Bernini
    • Remododels and covers up all of Michel Angelos work, execpt the back outside wall
    • but you can not see it
    • cathrdra Petri
    • Popes seat of power
    • Bladaccion (Canopy)
    • 80 bronze Canopy cover the alter and St. Peters grave
    • Clonnade in the shape of a symbolic keyhole
  7. Sistine Chapel
    • Fresco
    • Buon=wet(plaster)
    • seca=Dry
    • Cartoon
    • Black outline Drawing
    • Pouncing=leaving makes with charcoal
    • Michel Angelos
    • 1st Fresco
    • Chiro Scuro
    • High contrast lighting
    • human figure emergesfrom the dark
  8. Cieling
    • Genisis form the Bible
    • Separate Panels
    • Sences from the Bible
  9. Altar Wall
    • last judgement
    • end of time
    • Bible Prophency
  10. Florence
    • Cathedral
    • Baptistry Doors
    • Two Sets
    • Competition for doors
    • all competitors had to create a image of the sacifice of Isaac. in a Quatrifoil format
    • Ghiberti wins defeats Brunelleschi
    • 28 Panels all in Quatrfoil (Bible Sances)
  11. 2nd Set - Gates of Paradise
    • Bible Scenes
    • 10 Large Panels
    • he Breaks apollodorus of Damscus formula by using liner perspective
    • now theres a foreground background and middle
  12. August Rodin Gates of Hill
    • inspired by Dantes inferno
    • 2-D relief and 3-D sculputre
    • bined to create Architectural-Refernesto
  13. The Burghers of Calais
    • Six distraught city leards comtemplate their fate
    • 1st sculpture ment to be seen 360
    • 1st planned without a pedastal
  14. Medici Family "David"
    • Michel Angelo- Marble , contra posto, 14'3 h
    • Bernin- Marble, in action, D is depicted in the midst of battle with goliath
    • Donatello- Bronze, contra posto,5'4 1st life size bronze pour since ancient roman
    • Verocchio-Bronze,contra posto,4'10
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