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  1. Psoas Major
    • Origin-L1-L5 transvers processes, T12-L5 vertebrae-bodies and intervertebral discs
    • Insertion-lesser trochanter of femur
    • Actions-hip flexion, trunk flexion-lumbar spine, assists lateral trunk flexion-lumbar spine
    • With Iliacus-forms Iliopsoas-strongest hip flexor
  2. Iliacus
    • Origin-iliac fossa of ilium
    • Insertion-lesser trochanter of femur
    • Actions-hip flexion
    • With psoas major-forms iliopsoas-strongest hip flexor
  3. Sartorius
    • Origin-anterior superior iliac spine
    • Insertion-upper medial shaft of tibia
    • Actions-assists hip flexion, assists hip abd, assists hip ER, assists knee flexion, assists medial rotation of tibia when knee flexed and foot free
  4. Hip External Rotators
    • Origin-piriformis-anterior sacrum & sacral ligament, gemellus superior-ischial spine, gemellus inferior-ischial tuberosity, obturator internus-obturator foramen, obturator externus-obturator foramen, quadratus femoris-ischial tuberosity
    • Insertion-piriformis, gemellus superior, obturator internus, gemellus inferior-greater trochanter of femur, obturator externus-trochanteric fossa of femur, quadratus femoris-quadrate tubercle of femur
    • Actions-hip ER
  5. Pectineus
    • Origin-superior ramus of anterior pubis
    • Insertion- pectineal line of femur, inferior to lesser trochanter
    • Actions-hip flexion, hip add, assists hip IR
  6. Adductor Longus
    • Origin-anterior pubis-body, inferior to pubic crest
    • Insertion-linea aspera of femur-middle 1/3
    • Actions-hip add, assists hip flexion
  7. Adductor Brevis
    • Origin-anterior pubis-body and inferior ramus
    • Insertion-linea aspera of femur-proximal part, pectineal line of femur
    • Actions-hip add, assists hip flexion
  8. Adductor Magnus
    • Origin-anterior head-inferior ramus of pubis, posterior head-ischial tuberosity, ramus of ischium
    • Insertion-anterior head-linea aspera of femur, posterior head-adductor tubercle of femur
    • Actions-hip add, anterior head-assists hip flexion, assists hip IR, posterior head-assists hip extension, assists hip ER
  9. Gracilis
    • Origin-inferior ramus of anterior pubis
    • Insertion-medial proximal tibia
    • Actions-hip add, assists knee flexion, assists tibia IR when knee is flexed
  10. Gluteus Maximus
    • Origin-posterior sacrum, ilium (via sacrotuberous ligament), posterior (superior) gluteal line of ilium
    • Insertion-gluteal tuberosity of femur, iliotibial tract (attaching to lateral condyle of tibia
    • Actions-hip extension, hip ER
  11. Gluteus Medius
    • Origin-iliac crest, ilium-between posterior (superior) and anterior (middle) gluteal lines
    • Insertion-greater trochanter of femur
    • Actions-hip abd, anterior fibers-hip IR
  12. Gluteus Minimus
    • Origin-posterior ilium-between anterior (middle) and inferior gluteal lines
    • Insertion-anterior surface of greater trochanter of femur
    • Actions-hip abd, hip IR
  13. Tensor Fascia Latae and ITB (iliotibial band)
    • Origin-iliac crest-posterior to anterior superior iliac spine
    • Insertion-iliotibial tract (attaches to the lateral condyle of tibia)
    • Actions-assists hip flexion, assists hip abd, assists hip IR, assists knee extension, assists stability of extended knee in standing and ambulation
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