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  1. Copland's three planes of music
    • 1. sensuous plane
    • 2. expressive plane
    • 3. sheerly musical plane
  2. Sensuous plane
    The plane in which we listen to music without thinking. Brainless but attractive state of mind
  3. Expressive plane
    The meaning behind the music; the feeling the music gives to the listener
  4. Sheerly musical plane
    The actual music itself; the parts the compose the music
  5. Pitch
    How "high or low" a particular sound is perceived by the listener
  6. Dynamics
    How "loud or soft" a particular sound is perceived by the listener
  7. Timbre (Tone Color)
    How "simple or complex" a particular sound is perceived by the listener
  8. Duration
    How "long or short" a particular sound is perceived by the listener
  9. Melody
    The tune; the horizontal organization of music
  10. Harmony
    The relationship between two or more pitches sounded simultaneously
  11. Rhythm
    The arrangement of sounds and silences in time
  12. Texture
    How many different "layers of sound" are heard at any one time
  13. Form
    The structure of a piece
  14. Style
    A characteristic way of using melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture, and form
  15. Three basic textures:
    • 1. Monophonic
    • 2. Polyphonic
    • 3. Homophonic
  16. Monophonic
    One melodic line with no harmony or accompaniment
  17. Polyphonic
    Two or more melodic lines of equal importance
  18. Homophonic
    One main melody with a less important accompaniment
  19. Beat
    the basic unit of time in music; a regular, recurring pulse which divides music into equal time units
  20. Meter
    the organization of beats
  21. Accent
    An emphasis placed on a particular note
  22. Syncopation
    Emphasis placed on an unexpected note or beat
  23. Swing
    Rhythm produced when notes with equal written time values are performed with unequal durations
  24. Tempo
    The speed of the beat; the tempo
  25. Metronome
    Indicates exact tempo
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