Unit 1 test

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  1. What is Geography?
    The study of the world, it's people and the landscapes they create.
  2. Landscape
    Is all human and physical features that make it unique.
  3. Social Science
    A field that studies people and the reltionships among them.
  4. Region
    Is a part of the world that has one or more common features that distinguish it from surrounding areas.
  5. Map
    A flat drawing that shows all or parts of earths surface.
  6. Globe
    A spherical, or ball shaped, model of the entire planet.
  7. Absolute Location
    A specific description of where a place is located.
  8. Relative location
    A general discription of where a place lies.
  9. Envionment
    Includes its,land,water,climate,plants,and animals.
  10. Physical Geography
    Is the study of the world's physical features,its landforms,bodies of water,climates,soils,and plants.
  11. Human Geography
    Is the study of the world's people,communities,and landscapes.
  12. Cartography
    The science of making maps.
  13. Meteorology
    The study of weather and what causes it.
  14. Solar Energy
    Energy from the sun.
  15. Rotation
    Is one complete spin of the Earth on its axis.
  16. Rotation
    One trip around the sun.
  17. Latitude
    The distance north and south of Earth's equator.
  18. Tropics
    Reigons close to the equator.
  19. Freshwater
    Water without salt.
  20. Glaciers
    Large areas of slow moving ice.
  21. Surface water
    Is the water that is found in Earth's streams,rivers,and lakes.
  22. Precipitation
    Is water that falls to Earth's surface as rain,snow,sleet,or hail.
  23. Ground water
    Water found below Earth's surface.
  24. Water vapor
    Water occuring in the air as an invisible gas.
  25. Water cycle
    Is the movement of water from Earth'ssurface to the atmosphere and back.
  26. Landforms
    Are shapes on the planet's surface.
  27. Continents
    Large landmasses.
  28. Plate Tectonics
    A theory suggested that Earth's surface is divided into a dozen or slow moving plates,or pieces of Earth's crust.
  29. Lava
    Magma that reaches Earth's surface.
  30. Earthquakes
    Sudden,violent movements of Earth's crust.
  31. Weathering
    The process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces.
  32. Erosion
    The movement of sediment from one location to another.
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