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  1. person has cystitis this is
    bladder infection
  2. person with cystitis needs to drink about
    2000 ml daily
  3. BPH causes urinary problems bc
    the enlarged prostate preses against the urethra
  4. mr jones had a TURP. which measue should you question
    no oral fluids
  5. a person with urostomy
    has a new pathway for urine to exit the body
  6. a person has kidney stones, u need to
    strain all urine
  7. a person has kidney failure which statement is false
    the kidneys remove waste products from the blood
  8. for chronic kidney failure, care includes the following except
    measuring the urine output every hour
  9. which statement about std is false
    signs and systoms are obvious
  10. std require
    standard precautions
  11. stress is
    a response or change in the body caused by some factor
  12. defense mechanisms are used to
    block unpleasant feelings
  13. which statement about defense mechanisms is fasle
    the prevent mental disorders
  14. phobia is
    intense fear of something
  15. a person cleans and cleans this behavior is
  16. a person has nightmares about trauma the person is having
  17. a woman believes she is married to a rock star this is
    delusion of grandeur
  18. a man believes someone is trying to kill him this belief is called
    delusion of perscution
  19. which statement about schizophrenia is false
    it can be cured with medications and therapy
  20. bipolar disorder means that the person
    has severe mood swings
  21. in bipolar disorder an emotional high is called
  22. which statement about antisocial personality disorder is false
    the person has regard for right and wrong
  23. substances involved in abuse and addiction affect the
    nervous system
  24. which statement about alcoholism is false
    after treatement the person can have a social drink
  25. which statement about drug addiction is false
    the person can stop taking the drugs without treatment
  26. the person has withdrawal syndrome this means
    the person has a physical and mental response when the drug isn't taken
  27. which group has the highest suicide rate
    white men over 85 years of age
  28. for men the most common method of suicide involves
  29. most people who commit suicide have
    a mental disorder
  30. a person talks about suicide what should you do
    call for the nurse
  31. t/f: some anxiety is normal
  32. t/f: anxiety is an intense and sudden feeling of fear or dread
  33. t/f: panic is the highest level of anxiety
  34. t/f: depression is common in order persons
  35. t/f: sudden death can occur from one use of a substance
  36. t/f: a person is talking about suicide. u leave the person alone to get the nurse
  37. cognitive function relates to the following except
    memory loss and personality
  38. a person is confused after surgery. the confusion is likely to be
  39. a person is confused. the care plan includes the following. which should you question
    restrain in bed at night
  40. a peson has delusions. a delusion is
    a false belief
  41. a person has AD which is true
    AD ends in death
  42. following are common in personswith AD except
    paralysis, dyspnea and pain
  43. person leaves the center w/o staff knowledge. this is called
  44. sundowning means that
    behaviors become worse in the late afternoon and evening hours
  45. a person with AD keeps telling uou ath someon is stealing things. what should you do
    tell the nurse someone could be abusing the person
  46. a person has AD to communicate with him/her you should
    limit the persons choices
  47. a person with AD is screaming you know that this is
    a way to communicate
  48. a person with AD is rummaging through a drawer which statement is false
    u must distract the person with another activity
  49. which is the best way to approach a person with AD
    from the front
  50. a person with AD tends to wander, you should do the following except
    tell the person where to wander safely
  51. safety is important to a person with AD which statement is false
    the person can keep smoking materials
  52. which of these can cause delusion in persons with AD
  53. Which helps prevents many of the behaviors & problems of AD
    soothing music
  54. AD support groups do the following except
    provide care
  55. t/f: a person with AD is agitated and restless. u or other caregivers may have caused the behaviors
  56. t/f: a person with AD may mistake you for a sexual partner this is called hypersexuality
  57. t/f: person with AD keeps moving a cup back adn forth across the tbl. the behavior isn't harming the person or others. the behavior is allowed to continue
  58. t/f: person with AD tends to hide things. U should check the waste basket before emptying them
  59. t/f: person with AD can control his/her behavior
  60. t/f: person with AD can tellyou about pain constipation and other discomforts
  61. t/f: person with AD is at risk for infection from poor hygiene after elimination
  62. t/f: a set routine is important for person with AD
  63. t/f: u can use gestures/ point to things to communicate with persons with AD
  64. t/f: restraints can help improve the behaviors of AD
  65. t/f: family members continue their hobbies and holiday events. they are abusing the person with AD
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