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  1. rehabilitation and restorative nursing care focus on
    the whole person
  2. rehabilitation begins with preventing
    contractures and pressure ulcers
  3. a person has weakness on the right side. ADL ae
    done by the person to the extent possible
  4. persons with disabilities are likely to feel the following except
  5. during a therapy a person asks to have music played you should
    ask the person to choose some music
  6. a person's right side is weak. you move the signal light to the left side. you have promoted quality of life by
    providing for safety
  7. t/f: you should give praise even when slight progress is made
  8. t/f: a persons speech therapy should be done in private
  9. t/f: u tell a person dessert isn't allowed until exercises are done. this is abuse and mistreatment
  10. t/f: a person refuses to attend a concert at the nursing center. the peson must attend. it is part of the rehabilitation plan
  11. t/f: rehabilitation programs for older persons are usually slower paced than those for younger persons
  12. t/f: u need to stress the persons abilities and strengths
  13. t/f: sympathy and pity help the person adjust
  14. t/f: u should know how to apply self help devices
  15. t/f: u should know how to use the persons care equipment
  16. t/f: u need to convey hopefullness to the person
  17. Which statement about illness is true
    an illness is terminal when recovery is not likely
  18. which statement about attitudes about death are false
    infants and toddlers understand death
  19. reincarnation is the belief that
    the spirit or soul is reborn into another human body or another form of life.
  20. a 6 year old views death as
  21. adults and older persons ususlly fear
    dying alone
  22. persons in the denial stage
    refuse to believe they are dying
  23. a dying person tries to gain more time during the stage of
  24. when caring for the dying person you should
    use touch and listen
  25. as death nears the last sense lost is
  26. the dying persons care includes the following except
    activie range of motin exercises
  27. the dying person is positioned in
    good body alignment
  28. a DNR order was written what does that mean
    CPR will not be done
  29. which aren't signs of approaching death
    increased pain & blood pressure
  30. the signs of death are
    no pulse respirations or blood pressure
  31. post mortem care is done
    after the doctor pronounces the person dead.
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