Bearings and Seals

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  1. Bearings do these 4 things
    • Support moving parts
    • Reduce wear
    • Provides a replacable wear surface
    • Reduce friction
  2. What are 3 types of bearings
    • Anti-Friction bearings
    • Plain bearings
    • Elastamaric bearings
  3. What are the 2 types of bearing loads
    • Radial
    • Thrust
  4. 4 advantages of plain bearings
    • Rigid operation
    • quiet
    • low cost
    • requires little space
  5. 2 disadvantages of plain bearing
    • higher friction
    • requires continous lubrication
  6. 3 Advantages of anti-friction bearings
    • Low friction operation
    • Can be packed to reduce frequency of lubrication
    • More versatile due to many different designs
  7. 4 disadvantages of anti-friction bearings
    • noisier operation
    • require more space
    • higher cost than plain bearings
    • less rigidity than plain bearings
  8. 5 types of roller bearings
    • cylindrical rollers
    • tapered rollers
    • needle
    • ball
    • spherical rollers
  9. 4 types of ball bearings
    • radial load
    • thrust load
    • radial and thrust
    • self-aligning
  10. 5 types of roller bearings
    • straight roller - Radial
    • tapered roller - radial , thrust
    • Thrust
    • self-aligning radial , thrust- concave roller
    • self-aligning radial , thrust- spherical roller
  11. 2 types of needle bearings
    • radial
    • thrust
  12. How many sets of rollers do self aligning bearings have
  13. 4 types of bearing sealing
    • No seal
    • one sided seal
    • both sides sealed - Greasable
    • both sides sealed - non greasable
  14. When the inner races of angular contact bearings are set with the thrust faces together they are said to be`......`
    Face to face
  15. When the outer races of angular contact bearings are set together they are said to be`......`
    Back to back
  16. When the thrust faces of each bearing arefacing the same direction the bearings are said to be `......`
    In tandem
  17. When manufacturers want bearings installed in a particular stack up , how are they usually indicated
    match marks
  18. Early flaking of bearing races is a sign of ...
  19. Ecccentric wear of bearing retianer is a sign of...
    poor lubrication or foreign material
  20. Flaking and smearing in a small area of the race is a sign of...
    defective lubrication
  21. brinnelling is caused by
    bearing impact while stationary
  22. repeated pitting of bearings can be a sign of ...
    electrical arcing due to poor grounding
  23. When drying bearings with air , what precaution should be taken
    hold both races to prevent spinning of bearing
  24. Before exposing bearings what should be done
    Remove all dirt from housing to prevent contamination
  25. Bearings should be stored in
    oil proof paper
  26. When installing a bearing what must never be done
    pounding directly on the bearing , always use a soft metal slug
  27. When choosing a drift , what must be kept in mind
    Must be of softer material than the bearing
  28. When precooling what should be done to protect bearing
    Put in sealed bag to prevent moisture from forming
  29. How should bearings be heated
    oil bath or convection heat ,NEVER open flame
  30. Tapered bearings need what process on instation
    preloading process
  31. What is the process for sealing rod end bearings called
  32. 5 types of elastimeric bearings
    • conical
    • spherical
    • radial
    • cylindrical
    • spherical tubular
  33. 3 ways elastimerics can be damaged
    • Limit loading
    • enviromental
    • fatigue
  34. what are the 2 basic types of seals
    • static
    • dynamic
  35. what are 2 types of face seals
    • carbon face
    • magnetic face
  36. 2 types of clearance seals
    • screw thread
    • labyrinth
  37. 2 types of preformed gaskets
    • o-rings
    • backup rings
  38. 2 types of metallic gaskets
    • copper crush
    • aluminum crash
  39. 2 types of non-metallic gaskets
    • cork
    • paper
  40. 3 types of radial lip seals
    • single lip
    • double lip
    • double lip exclusion
  41. a green dash on an o-ring means
    use with skydrol
  42. red dash or stripe on o-ring means
    use in fuel system
  43. blue dash or stripe on o-ring means
    use with mil-h-5606
  44. Wha tis an o-ring lubricated with
    whatever fluid it is used with
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