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  1. active voice
    subject is controller of action but not affected by it
  2. passive
    subject is affected by action but not controller of it
  3. middle
    subject is both controller of action and affected by it

    ex. grooming (e.g. washing, dressing, etc.), changes in body posture, self-induced motion, and spontaneous events, etc.
  4. unaccusative (intransitive)
    • The water boiled.
    • The tree fell.
    • theme subject
    • no oblique agent
    • can refer to specific event
    • may or may not have transitive counterpart
  5. (basic) passive
    • The water was boiled (by the cook).
    • The cotton was washed (by the workers).
    • theme subject
    • oblique agent possible
    • can refer to specific event
    • derived from transitive verb
  6. English middle
    • Cotton washes well.
    • theme subject
    • no oblique agent
    • can't refer to specific event
    • denotes generic property
    • derived from transitive verb
  7. True middle
    • Latin lavo-r ('wash')
    • agent/theme subject
    • no oblique agent
    • can refer to specific event
    • marked by an affix
  8. verbal focus
    use of a series of affixes to indicate thematic role of argument bearing absolutive marker
  9. inversion
    reverses normal mapping between thematic roles and grammatical relations
  10. direct voice
    agent corresponds to subject and theme to direct object
  11. inverse voice
    agent functions as direct object and theme as subject

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