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  1. What is the agent-causation argument?
    • Something must've moved the brain - YOU
    • Therefore you are the cause.
    • Our free will impacts our brain
    • Chrishold didn't know how
  2. What is simple indeterminism?
    • Stressing the difference between actions and events
    • Event = Cause + Event
    • Action = Intent + Action + Purpose
    • Purpose included in intent and realized by the action
  3. Final Cause vs Efficient Cause
    • Final cause: (teleological thinking): the end point or goal drawn by a goal from the future
    • Efficient cause: drawn from the past
  4. Why are reasons or intentions not causes of action?
    • Actish phenomena quality: the appearance that we act of our own free will
    • Actions are different from events
    • Actions must originate in us with reason.
  5. What is causal indeterminism?
    • We can deliberate about the random memories we have but we cannot choose them when faced with making a decision (rational choice)
    • Rational choices are a compatibilist ideal of free will
  6. What is the consequence argument?
    Incompatibilist argument: If determinism is true, the present and future are necessary consequences of the past and there would not be free will
  7. What are hard determinists?
    They reject free will, say determinism is right and that free will is an illusion.
  8. What are hard incompatibilists?
    Incompatible because they think free will doesn't exist even if determinism isn't true (Pereboom)
  9. Who is Galen Strawson?
    • Our character determines us/our mind which leads to infinite regress
    • It could not have happened at any time
    • Causa sui: "the cause of itself"
    • Spinoza calls God causa sui
  10. What does Henderich say about crime and punishment in terms of free will?
    • Less retribution because our actions are done by our circumstances
    • If no free will, you can still be a danger to society and must be quarantined (like the sick)
    • Punishments act as deterents
    • Based on idea of NO FREE WILL
  11. How can we feel proud, happy or loved?
    • There is acknowledgement in our actions that drives our activities and thus we can be proud, happy, loved
    • Love would be deficient if they were determined by circumstances, not by the person
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