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  1. Another name for lentigines?
    (liver spots)
  2. What causes senile purpura?
  3. What is otalgia?
    (ear pain)
  4. Viral pharyngitis has a gradual onset?
  5. By age 50 what do half of the people get?
    (gray hair)
  6. What is functional assessment for all disorders?
    (how disease affects their life, what they do for a living)
  7. Erythema of skin means?
    (reddish skin)
  8. What does excoriation mean?
  9. What is a Nevus?
    (flat or raised, color darker than surrounding skin)
  10. What is a pustule?
    (raised cavity that contains pus)
  11. Term to describe a pt with visual difficulties?
    (visually impaired not blind)
  12. What is vitiligo?
    (unpigmented skin with milky white patches)
  13. What is contraindication for methotrexate which is used to treat psoriasis?
    (not get pregnant)
  14. It is appropriate to teach patients that squeezing pimples isn�t harmful?
  15. What is it called when the whole eye is removed?
  16. What does the opthamoligst do?
    (diagnose and treat eye conditions)
  17. What is an optometrist?
    ( trained to diagnose and prescribe corrective lenses)
  18. What is an optician?
    (fills lense prescriptions for eye glasses)
  19. With eye and ear surgeries what caution do we teach them?
    (not to blow nose � anything that would create pressure)
  20. What type of hearing loss doesn�t benefit from a hearing aid?
    (sensorial hearing loss)
  21. What are a few things a patient can do to prevent accumulation of cerumun?
    (increase fluids, clean ears with cloth, trim hair in ear)
  22. What are purpose of tonsils/adenoids?
    (prevent infections- part of lymph system)
  23. Give me an intervention for the pt having phototherapy?
    (protect eyes and skin before and after session to prevent further damage by ultraviolet light)
  24. When taking methotrexate what is something pt will need to do periodically?
    (lab tests)
  25. Chicken pox lies dormant in our system and due to some stressor can present as?
  26. What part does cones play in your eyes?
    (color receptor)
  27. What is area called that has the sharpest vision?
  28. What is nystagmus?
    (abnormal eye movement)
  29. What does BC >AC mean?
    (bone conduction greater than air conduction)
  30. One side effect of concern for the pt. having ear surgery is?
    (dizziness � must enc. Pt to get up slowly)
  31. What disease is hereditary and worsens during pregnancy?
  32. Basel cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma re usually caused by?
    (sun exposure)
  33. Regarding the rule of nines for burns � the chest area is 18 and the back area is 18 for total of 36%
  34. How long after enucleation can eye prosthesis be fitted?
    (l month)
  35. What do rods in eye do?
    (help�s in dim lit areas)
  36. What is normal intraocular pressure?
    ( 10-21 mm hg)
  37. What is age related changes of the eye called? (presbyopia)
    if I had longer arms I could read the telephone book!
  38. Name a s/s of cataracts �
    (cloudy vision, seeing spots)
  39. One surgery used to repair a retinal detachment is called?
    (sclera buckling)
  40. With relaxation of esophagus sphinter in elderly we should advise pt not to lie down after eating because?
    (esophageal reflux)
  41. When there is a blood loss during surgery what does the body automatically do?
    (shunts blood to vital organs only)
  42. Electroretinography is used to evaluate what?
    (retinal response)
  43. What preparation is used for electroretinography?
    (doc uses anethstetic tobe able to place a contact lens electrode on the eye itself)
  44. Close-angle glaucoma has increased intraocular pressure and is acute in onset?
  45. Lasik surgery is done by a thin layer of cornea is peeled back and laser used to reshape the top layer of cornea?
    (false � middle layer)
  46. On caloric test (ear) they use warm/cold water � if there is a labrinth (inner part of ear) disorder what is usually seen?
    (1. Nystagmus, 2. Vertigo, 3. Nausea/vomiting)
  47. In conductive hearing loss you would expect bone conduction to be greater that air conduction?
  48. Minieres disease teaching would include?
    (avoid use of alcohol/tobacco)
  49. Viral pharyngitis has an acute onset?
    (false � gradual)
  50. Criteria for tonsillectomy?
    ( Peritonsilar abcess, enlarged tonsils and hearing loss)
  51. One post laryngectomy complication is �
    tracheal stenosis
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