UT Austin - French - Ch2 - Time

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  1. l'heure
    the time
  2. Quelle heure est-il?
    What time is it?
  3. Il est huit heures.
    It's 8 o'clock.
  4. Il est huit heures dix.
    It's ten after 8.
  5. Il est huit heures et quart.
    It's quarter after 8.
  6. Il est huit heures vingt-cinq.
    It's twenty-five after 8.
  7. Il est huit heures et demie.
    It's eight-thirty.
  8. Il est neuf heures moins vingt.
    It's twenty to nine.
  9. Il est neuf heures moins le quart.
    It's quarter to nine.
  10. Il est midi.
    It's noon.
  11. Il est midi et demi.
    It's twelve-thirty.
  12. Il est minuit.
    It's midnight.
  13. Il est trois heures.
    It's three o'clock.
  14. du matin
    in the morning
  15. de l'après-midi
    in the afternoon
  16. Il est sept heures.
    It's seven o'clock.
  17. du soir
    in the evening
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