CH11 Cardiovascular Terminology

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  1. angi o gram
    xray record of blood vessels
  2. angi o plasty
    surgical repair of blood vessels
  3. aortic stenosis
    narrowing of aortic
  4. arteri o sclerosis
    hardening of arteries
  5. arterial anasto mosis
    surgical connection b/t arteriies
  6. anterio graphy
    recording by xray arteris after injection contrast mat'l
  7. end arter ectomy
    removal of innerlinning of artery
  8. ather oma
    collection of fatty mat'l in artery
  9. ather o sclerosis
    hardening of arteries w/ deposits of fatty mat'ls
  10. ather ectomy
    removal of fatty mass blocking
  11. atri al
    p/t artrium (upper chamber)
  12. atrio ventricular
    p/t atrium & ventricle
  13. brachi al artery
    artery branches frm aorta to bring blood to arm
  14. cardio megaly
    enlargement of heart
  15. cardio myopathy
    chronic disease of heart muscle
  16. brady cardia
    slowness of heart beat (<60)
  17. tachy cardia
    rapid heart beat (>100)
  18. cardio genic shock
    failure of heart pumping action
  19. hyper cholesterol emia
    excessive collection of cholesterol in blood
  20. coron ary arteries
    two main arteries from aorta carries blood to heart
  21. cyan osis
    abnrml bluish discoloration around lips, poor oxygenated of blood
  22. arrhyth mia
    w/o rhythym
  23. myx oma
    benign tumor of heart
  24. hyp/o xia
    cond. of decrease O2 on inspiring
  25. percardio centesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from preicardium
  26. phleb otomy
    incision of a vein
  27. thrombo phleb itis
    inflam of vein w/ clots
  28. sphygmo manometer
    instrument to measure BP
  29. stetho scope
    instument used to examine chest
  30. thrombo lysis
    destruction of thrombus
  31. valvulo plasty
    surgical repair of valve
  32. mitral valvul itis
    inflam of mitral valve
  33. valv otomy
    incision of valve
  34. vaso constriction
    narrowing/tightening of blood vessels
  35. vaso dilation
    widening of blood vessel
  36. vascul ar
    p/t vessels
  37. ven ous
    p/t veins
  38. veni puncture
    incision of vein
  39. inter ventricul ar septum
    p/t wall b/t the ventricles separating the ventricles
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