anatomy histology

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  1. what is histology
    the study of tissues
  2. 4 types of tissues
    • epithelial
    • connective and supporting
    • muscle
    • nervous
  3. epithelial tissue
    covers the body surface, line its internal cavities and tubular organs, and form glands
  4. connective and supporting tissue
    connect, support, and anchor various body parts
  5. muscle tissue
    are composed of cells specialized to contract and generate force, in the process they produce heat that warm the body
  6. nervous tissue
    consiste of cells specialized for initiation and transmission of electrical signals, which relay information from one part of the body to another
  7. classifiactions of epithelial tissue
    cell shape
    • squamous-flat
    • cuboidal- same size all around
    • columnar- hight is 4x its length
  8. classifiactions of epithelial tissue
    • simple- 1 layer
    • stratified- multi layered
  9. functions of epitelial tissues
    • secretion- the act or process of releasing a substance (sweating)
    • absorption- up take of a substance
    • excretion- eliminating from an organic body
    • protection- act of protecting from injury or harm
  10. simple epithelial tissues
    thin lining and covering layers
  11. simple squamous epithelium
    • single layer of flat cells
    • forms the lining of the cardiovascular system
    • lining the body cavities that house the heart, lungs, and abdomial organs
  12. simple cuboidal epithelium
    • consists of a single layer of tall columnar shaped cells.
    • covered with small hairlike processes thermed cilia
  13. pseudostratified columnar epithelium
    tissue lines the upper respiratory tract and the apical surface is covered with cilia
  14. stratified epithelial tissues
    thick lining and covering layers
  15. stratified squamous epithelium
    comprised of many layers
  16. stratified columnar epithelium
    transitional stratified cuboidal epithelium
  17. general connective tissue
    • connective tissue proper
    • adipose tissue
    • reticular tissue
  18. cartilage (skeletal support tissue)
    firm to rubbery connective tissue
  19. bone (skeletal support tissue)
    hard connective tissue
  20. blood (unique connective tissue)
    fluid connective tissue
  21. mesenchymal cell
    • fixed cells
    • stem cells of the connective tissue
  22. fibroblast/ fibrocyte
    • fixed cells
    • cells that produce extracellular fibers, either collagen or elastic
  23. adipose cells
    • fixed cells
    • cells specialized to store lipid (fat) engery
  24. reticular cell
    • fixed cells
    • cells that produce type III collagen or reticular fibers
  25. wandering cells
    body defence and repair cells of the while blood cell lineage
  26. extracellular matrix
    • located bewteen the cells in connective tissues
    • a watery environment containing soluble macromolecules made of proteins and carbohydrates and larger insoluble protien chains that combine to form protein fibers
  27. collagen fibers
    • string like proteins
    • great tensile strenght
  28. reticular fibers
    is a slender form of collagen fibers
  29. elastic fibers
    • string like or sheet like branched proteins
    • able to readily stretch and recoil
  30. loose mech of fibers
    • either elastic or collagen fibers
    • few fibers
  31. dense mesh of fibers
    • either elastic or collagen fibers
    • alot of fibers
  32. dense irregular mesh
    alot of fibers in many directions
  33. dense regular mesh
    alot of fibers all oarallel to each other
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