anatomy integument

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  1. what is integument?
  2. 3 layers of integument
    • epidermis
    • dermis
    • hypodermis
  3. epidermis
    stratum basale
    • single layer of short columnar to cuboid cells
    • consists primarily of stem cells that form keratincytes
    • also has melanocytes
  4. epidermis
    stratum basale
    can dicide a couple times as they push above the basal layer
  5. epidermis
    stratum basale
    provides protexting from UV radiation
  6. epidermis
    stratum spinosum
    • is a thick strata consisting of many mature keratinocyte cell
    • packed tightly together
  7. epidermis
    stratum granulosum
    • consisting of 3 to 5 layers of flattened clees
    • waterproofing
  8. epidermis
    stratum lucidum
    • found only on think skin that has not hair
    • dead cells
  9. epidermis
    stratum corneum
    • dead cells
    • protection from friction and abrasion
  10. dermis
    stratum papillare
    • cone shape elevations
    • capillaries and mechanorectors for light touch
  11. dermis
    stratum reticulare
    when tears creates stretch marks
  12. hypodermis
    2 layers
    • fatty layer- stores engery and used for instulation
    • fibrous layer
  13. invagination
    process of developing an hair follicles and glands in the skin
  14. medulla of the hair
    cells arising from the center of the hair bulb puch upward
  15. cortex or the hair
    surrounding the medulla
  16. cuticle of the hair
    • outside the cortex
    • thin layer of flat keratinized cells
  17. arrector pili muscle
    muscle that makes hairs stand up
  18. sebaceous gland
    produce an oily substance called sebum that lubricates, moisturizes, and helps waterproof the skin
  19. eccrine sweat gland
    • most numerous glands of the skin
    • in palm, sole, and face skin
    • produce a clear odorless fluid
  20. apocrine sweat gland
    • least numerous but largest glands of the skin
    • in areas of hair
    • produce a watery secretion contain protein compounds
    • oderless and sterial but under bacterial digestion poten oderous compounds are generated
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