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  1. James-Lange Theory
    Autonomic arousal and skeletal actions come first

    "I am afraid because I run away."
  2. What are the 3 components of emotion?
    • Cognitions - appraise situation
    • Actions - leads to appropriate action
    • Feelings - leads to feeling an emotion
  3. What two predictions can be made from the James-Lange theory?
    People with weak autonomic/skeletal responses should feel less emotion

    Increasing someone's responses should enhance an emotion
  4. Pure autonomic failure
    Output from autonomic nervous system to the body fails either completely or almost completely
  5. Mobius Syndrome
    Unable to move facial muscles to make a smile, but this does not hinder their ability to feel happiness
  6. Limbic System
    Forebrain areas surrounding the thalamus that is critical for emotion
  7. Insular cortex is activated when..
    You see a disgusting picture
  8. Behavioral Activation System (BAS)
    • Activity in the left hemisphere (frontal and temportal lobes)
    • Low-Moderate autonomic arousal and tendency to approach anger or happiness
  9. Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS)
    Right Hemisphere associated increasing in attention and arousal, inhibits action, and stimulates emotions such as fear and disgust.
  10. Turnover
    Amount that neurons released and replaced
  11. Tryptophan hydroxylase
    Enzyme that converts tryptophan into serotonin
  12. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
    Tame and placid characteristics
  13. Benzodiazepines
    • Bind to GABA
    • Induces sleepiness, block epileptic convulsions, and impair memory in the thalamus/cerebral cortex
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