anatomy osteology

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  1. what is osteology
    the study of bones
  2. hyaline cartilage
    • most common cartilage in the body
    • smooth like glass
  3. fibrocartilage
    strong cartilage function as effective shock absorbers between bones
  4. elastic cartilage
    forms the skeleton of the epiglottis and of the external ear
  5. osteoblast
    bone forming or depositing cells
  6. osteocyte
    bone regulating or monitoring cells
  7. osteoclast
    cell responsible for breaking down or resorbing bone
  8. osteon
    • fundamental structural unit of compact bone
    • is a series of concentric lamellae
  9. lamella
    • is the rings that make uo the osteon
    • circular plates of mineralized matrix of increasing diameter
  10. central canal
    is a tube like units cylinder in bone
  11. 4 classifications of bone
    • long
    • short
    • flat
    • irregular
  12. compact bone distribution
    • appears as a dense, solid bone to unaided eye
    • ability to resist compression and tension
  13. spongy bone distribution
    • located in the interior of bone
    • full of blood vessels
  14. periosteum
    thin layer of dense irregular collagenous connective tissue that surrounds the bone
  15. articular cartilage
    • surfaces of the bone with a think covering of hyaline cartilage
    • cushion the opposing bone ends and reduce friction where bones move against one another
  16. diaphysis
    tubular shaft of long bones
  17. epiphysis
    typical long bone ends
  18. medullary cavity
    • hollow center of the diaphysis
    • contains yellow marrow
  19. nutrient foramen
    openings in the bone that carry the blood vessels into the bone tissue
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