Ch11 Pathology: The Heart & Blood Vessels

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  1. arrythmias
    abnrml heart rhythms - problem w/ conduction/electical sys of heart
  2. bradycardia
    failure of proper conduction of impulses from SA node thru the AV node to atrioventricular bundle
  3. flutter
    rapid but regular contractions, usually of the atria (up to 300 beats/min)
  4. fibrillation
    rapid, random, inefficien, and irregular contractions of the artria and ventricles (350 beats +/min)
  5. congenital heart disease
    abnrmalities in the heart at birth
  6. coarctation of aorta
    nawwoing (coarctation) of aorta
  7. patent ductus arteriosus
    a duct (ductus arteriousus) b/t the aorta & pulmonary artery remains open (patent)
  8. septal defects
    small holes in septa b/t atria or ventricles
  9. tetralogy of Fallot
    a congenital malformation of heart involving four (tetra-) distinct defects; pulm artery stenosis, ventricular septal dect, shift of aorta to right, hypertophy of right ventricle
  10. congestive heart failure
    the heart is unable to pump its req'd amt of blood
  11. coronary artery disease
    disease of arteries surrounding the heart
  12. endocarditis
    inflammation of inner lining of heart caused by bacteria
  13. hypertensive heart disease
    high blood pressure affecting the heart
  14. mitral valve prolapse
    improper closure of mitral valve
  15. murmur
    an extra heart sound, heard b/t nrml beats
  16. pericarditis
    inflam of membrane surrounding the heart
  17. rheumatic heart disease
    heart disease caused by rheumatic fever
  18. aneurysm
    local widening (dilation) of arterial wall
  19. deep vein thrombosis
    blood clot (thrombus) froms in a large vein, lower limb
  20. hypertension
    high blood pressure (140/90>)
  21. peripheral vascular disease
    blockage of blood vessels outside the heart
  22. Raynaud disease
    recurrent episodes of pallor & cyanosis primarily in fingers & toes
  23. varicose veins
    abnrmlly swollen & twiste veins, usually in legs
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