Trasitive phrasal verbs

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  1. ask s.o. over
    invite to ones' home
  2. blow s.t. out
    stop burning by blowing air on it
  3. blow s.t. up
    make explode
  4. bring s.o. or s.t. back
  5. bring s.o. up
    raise (a child)
  6. bring s.t. up
    bring attention to
  7. burn s.t. down
    burn completely
  8. call s.o. back
    return a phone call
  9. call s.t. off
  10. call s.o. up
    contact by phone
  11. carry s.t. out
    complete (a plan)
  12. clean s.o. or s.t. up
    clean completely
  13. clear s.t. up
  14. close s.t. down
    close by force
  15. cover s.o.or s.t. up
    cover completely
  16. corss s.t. out
    draw a line through
  17. do s.t. over
    do again
  18. drink s.t. up
    drink completely
  19. drop s.o. or s.t. off
    take someplace in a car and leave there
  20. empty s.t. out
    empty completely
  21. figure s.o. out
    understand (the behavior)
  22. figure s.t. out
    slove, understand after thinking about it
  23. fill s.t. in
    complete with information
  24. fill s.t. out
    complete (a form)
  25. find s.t. out
    learn information
  26. give s.t. up
    quit, abandon
  27. hand s.t. in
    give work (to a boss / teacher), submit
  28. hand s.t. out
  29. hand s.t. over
  30. help s.o. out
  31. keep s.o. or s.t. away
    cause to stay at a a distance
  32. keep s.t. on
    not remove (a piece of clothing / jewelry)
  33. keep s.o. or s.t. out
    not allow to enter
  34. lay s.o. off
    end employment
  35. leave s.t. on
    • 1. not turn off (a light / radio)
    • 2. not remove (a piece of clothing / jewelry)
  36. leave s.t. out
    not include, omit
  37. let s.o. down
  38. let s.o or s.t. in
    allow to enter
  39. let s.o. off
    allow to leave (from a bus / car)
  40. light s.t. up
  41. look s.o or s.t. over
  42. loop s.t. up
    try to fine (in a book / on the internet)
  43. make s.t. up
  44. pass s.t. on
    give to
  45. pass s.t. out
  46. pass s.o. or s.t. over
    decide not to use
  47. pass s.o. or s.t. up
    decide not to use, reject
  48. pay s.o. or s.t. back
  49. pick s.o. or s.t. out
  50. pick s.o. or s.t. up
    • 1. lift
    • 2. go get someone or something
  51. pick s.t. up
    • 1. get (an idea / a new book)
    • 2. answer the phone
  52. point s.o. or s.t. out
  53. put s.t. away
    put in an apppropriate place
  54. put s.t. back
    return to its original place
  55. put s.o. or s.t. down
    stop holding
  56. put s.t. off
  57. put s.t. on
    coner the body (with clothes / lotion)
  58. put s.t. together
  59. put s.t. up
  60. set s.t. up
    • 1. prepare for use
    • 2. establish (a business)
  61. shut s.t. off
    stop (a machine / light)
  62. straighten s.t. up
    make neat
  63. switch s.t. on
    start (a machine / light)
  64. take s.o. or s.t. back
  65. take s.t. off
  66. talk s.o. into
  67. talk s.t. over
  68. tear s.t. down
  69. tear s.t. off
    remove by tearing
  70. tear s.t. up
    tear into small pieces
  71. think s.t. over
  72. think s.t. up
  73. throw s.t. away / out
    put in the trash, discard
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