Judy Moody 2: Roar!

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  1. arrived
    got to the place
  2. glanced
    a hurried look
  3. Maypole
    a fancy pole that is danced around in a May Day celebration
  4. collage
    a piece of art using different materials (such as photographs) all put together
  5. might
  6. include
    has as a part of the whole
  7. language arts
    the study of grammar, spelling and writing
  8. social studies
    the study of human communities and history
  9. squinched
    tense up the muscles
  10. impossible
    can never do it
  11. gnat
    a very small bug
  12. snort
    a sound made by suddenly forcing wind through the nose
  13. scab
    the crust that forms over a wound
  14. designer
    upscale and fashionable
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