PBA Chapter 10

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  1. Communication
    The sharing of information which results in a higher degree of understanding between the message sender and recevier.
  2. feedback
    A receivers response to a senders message.
  3. Distraction
    Anything that interferes with communication.
  4. Distortion
    The conscious or unconscious way people change messages.
  5. Channel of Communication
    The means by which a message is conveyed.
  6. Nonverbal Communication
    Delivering messages by means other than speaking or writing.
  7. Flame
    An electronic message that contains abusinve, threating, or offensive content that may violate company policy or public law.
  8. Spam
    Unsolicited advertising via email.
  9. Emoticon
    Facial expressions created with keyboard symbols and used to express feelings in an email messages.
  10. Communication Network
    A structure throught which information flows in a business.
  11. Formal Communication Networks
    System of official channels that carry ofrganizationally approved messages; flows upward, downward, and across the organiztion in a prescribed manner.
  12. Informal Communication Networks
    Unofficial ways of sharing informaiont in an organization.
  13. Grapevine
  14. NGT Nominal Group Technique
  15. Brainstorming
  16. Conflict
  17. Avoidance Stragegy
  18. Compromise Strategy
  19. Win/Lose Strategy
    A strategy in which no one compromises, thereby resulting in one perosn winning and one losing.
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