Sir Gaiwen

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  1. Copiously
  2. Intrepid
  3. dauntless
  4. blithe
  5. how can you tell from the description that the "gallient rider" is a knight
    He and his horse are quite elegant
  6. What emotions would th appearance of the green knight and his horse be likely to inspire in the knights of king arthur's court?
    Fear and confusion
  7. what is a haberk?
    a shirt of mail worn as armor
  8. what might the green knights color represent
    life and renewal
  9. what is the rhyme scheme found in the groups of short lines on this page?
  10. What literary elient is found through out the strory
  11. what game is the green knight proposing?
    a christmas game of lick for lick
  12. What archetypical characteristics do you see in gawain and the green knight?
    Humility for gawain and arrogance in the green knight
  13. What does the oath that gawain take reveal about the values of this time?
    oaths were taken very siriously
  14. What does the supernatural events of the begining tell you about the story
    It has magic and fantasy
  15. What will happen to sir gawain if he does not find the green knight in a year
    He'll be branded a coward
  16. why wont gawain accept the ladys gifts
    shes allready married
  17. why does gawain finally decide to keep the sash?
    to aid him in his fight with the green knight
  18. what archetype is the lady
    a temptress
  19. why does sir gawain compare the green knight to the devil
    he fits the evil archetype
  20. What is the loud noise and what effect does it have on the story
    the green knight is sharpining his axe, this adds supense
  21. How does sir awain behave differently than the green knight did when accepting the first blow
    he flinched
  22. shy does the green knight refuse to complete the strike
    gawain is a bitch ass coward
  23. what has happended on the green knights thrid strike
    he has a slight nick
  24. what d;d the three strikes represent
    the three days that gawain stayed in his castle
  25. Who was the lady
    bersilacs wife
  26. how has the lady developed into a diff archetype
    the test
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