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  1. walkabout wc2
    henrietta street sdol
  2. highbury quandrant
    green lanes
  3. white horse pub n5
    highbury quandrant
  4. york pub
    duncan street
  5. silver cross house
    duncannon street
  6. south africa house
    trafalgar square
  7. city of london academy islington
    prebend street
  8. welcome trust
    euston road 1st l gower st
  9. regent pub n1
    liverpool road
  10. 7 dials hotel
    top end of monmouth street sdol
  11. ice wharf n1
    new wharf road
  12. london canal museum
    new wharf road
  13. cafe in the crypt
    st martins place
  14. bonham carter house
    gower street -just below chenies st sdol
  15. 52 club
    bonam carter house/ 52 gower street
  16. cartoon museum
    little russell street -(in from museum street)
  17. porterhouse restaurant
    maiden lane sdor
  18. maple leaf restaurant
    maiden lane sdol
  19. manderville theatre stage door
    maiden lane sdor
  20. national geographic cafe
    regent street 1st right glasshouse street
  21. benaires club
    berkeley square
  22. lanesborough hotel
    knightsbridge/ lanesborough place
  23. belgium embassy
    grosvenor crescent
  24. the hummingbird bakery
    old brompton road
  25. libya embassy
    ennismore gardens
  26. royal college of music
    prince consort road
  27. imperial college london
    prince consort road/ exhibition road
  28. crosby hall
    danvers street sdor
  29. venezuela embassy
    exhibition road
  30. thomas moore statue
    cheyne walk
  31. chelsea wharf
    lots road
  32. shrewsbury house
    cheyne walk slip
  33. painted heron restaurant
    cheyne walk
  34. embargo club
    lots road
  35. victoria & albert museum
    cromwell gardens
  36. natural history museum
    cromwell road/ exhibition road
  37. le gothique restaurant
    royal patriotic victoria buiding/ john archer way
  38. kenilworth court
    lower richmond road
  39. parkview court
    fulham high street
  40. fulham palace
    bishops avenue
  41. wandsworth library
    garrat lane
  42. halfmoon pub sw15
    lower richmond road
  43. southsides
    garrat lane
  44. putney & wimbledon synagogue
    chelverton road - off putney high street
  45. putney bus garage
    chelverton road- off putney high street
  46. the cats back pub
    point pleasant sw18
  47. putney exchange
    putney high street
  48. park house
    northfields (thai) off putney bridge rd
  49. neville gill close
    buckhold road
  50. the penfold centre
    neville gill close
  51. toaster rack
    roads off trinity road.... nicosia road in/ henderson road out
  52. king georges park
    kimber road
  53. tooting bec station
    tooting bec road/ trinity road
  54. bedford arms pub
    bedford hill (on corner of fernlea road)
  55. banana cabaret
    inside bedford arms pub/ bedford hill
  56. hildreth market
    balham high road/ bedford hill
  57. grafton square
    old town
  58. windmill on the common pub
    windmill drive
  59. clapham fire station
    old town
  60. lost theatre
    wandsworth road
  61. hanover gardens
    kennington park road (just s of oval station)
  62. trinity restaurant
    the polygon (in via the pavement)
  63. narbonne avenue
    clapham common south side/ elms road
  64. the kia oval
    kennington oval
  65. hoist club
    south lambeth road
  66. camelford house
    albert embankment
  67. tea house theatre
    vauxhall walk
  68. ken barrington centre
    kennington oval
  69. white cube gallery
    bermondsey street
  70. graphite square
    vauxhall walk
  71. fitzhugh estate
    fitzhugh grove - off trinity road
  72. hanover arms pub
    hanover gardens/ off kennington park road
  73. oval house theatre
    kennington oval
  74. hidden club
    tinworth street
  75. roland hill house
    union street
  76. southwark college
    the cut
  77. cape house accommadation
    dalston lane
  78. arcola theatre
    ashwin street
  79. electric city showrooms
    hoxton square
  80. avalon bar
    shoreditch high street sdor southbound
  81. blush titty bar
    shoreditch high street sdol southbound
  82. abacus bar
    cornhill s side
  83. cock tavern
    east poultry avenue
  84. karaoke box
    smithfield street
  85. whitechapel art gallery
    whitechapel high st 1st l osbourne street 1st r adler street
  86. runner bar/ green oyster bar
    cornhill southside
  87. red herring bar
    wood street/ gresham street
  88. spectacle makers hall
    blackfriars lane
  89. apothecaries hall
    blackfriars lane
  90. rolls buildings
    fetter lane
  91. novello theatre
  92. joe allen restaurant
    exeter street
  93. hops bar
    burleigh street
  94. the coal house
    strand (can use exeter to sdol)
  95. harold pinter theatre
    old comedy theatre/ panton street
  96. gravity bar
    whitcomb street bottom end
  97. club quarters wc2
    northumberland avenue
  98. rockwell bar
    spring gardens/ hilton hotel trafalgar
  99. watatsumi restaurant
    northumberland ave
  100. corinthia hotel
    northambuland ave
  101. national liberal club
    whitehall place
  102. burlington house
    picadilly lve l can r duke st st jamess
  103. lord moon of the mall
  104. japan embassy
    picadilly lol 1st l halfmoon street
  105. kai restaurant
    south audley street - just above south street
  106. ukranian catholic church
    duke street lor over oxford street
  107. 69 club / saville club
    brook st sdor from grosvenor sq
  108. kenilworth house
    margaret street
  109. astor court
    hallam street just above duchess st 1st l new cavendish st
  110. hallam hotel
    hallam street just above duchess st. 1st l new cavendish st
  111. st pancras old church
    pancras road
  112. gymnasium
    pancras road
  113. red rose pub/theatre
    seven sisters road/ lol 1st r berriman road
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