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  1. "blank" is a neural disorder or loss of motor function caused by brain damage.
    cerebral palsy
  2. A child's actual age is the
    chronologic age
  3. "blank" is the process of being independent.
  4. A tooth that has been torn away or dislodged by force is said to be
  5. "blank" is a disorder caused by a chromosomal defect.
    Down syndrome
  6. "blank" is a type of involuntary movement of the body, face, arms, and legs.
  7. "blank" occurs when teeth are displaced from the socket as a result of an injury.
  8. When a tooth has been pushed into the socket as a result of an injury, it is
  9. The "blank" is a type of matrix used for primary teeth.
  10. "blank" means to dislocate.
  11. The child's "blank" is his or her level of itellectual capacity and development.
    mental age
  12. The "blank" is a system designed to evaluate behavior.
    Frankl scale
  13. The specialty of dentistry concerned with the infant through adolescent and the special needs patient is
    pediatric dentistry
  14. "blank" means after birth.
  15. "blank" is a disorder in which an individual's intellingence is underdeveloped.
    mentally challenged
  16. Another term for referring to the brain, nervous system, and nerve pathways is
  17. "blank" is a concept of office design used in pediatric dental practices.
    open bay
  18. A "blank" is a type of restraining device used to hold hands, arms, and legs still.
    papoose board
  19. A "blank" is a dental procedure in which the coronal portion of the dental pulp is removed
  20. "blank" means before birth.
  21. At what age should a person most likely stop seeing a pediatric dentist?
  22. What is unique about the treatment area of a pediatric practice?
    many are designed with the opne-bay concept
  23. Describe the type of patient seen in a pediatric practice.
    • healthy adolescents
    • special needs children
    • special needs adults
  24. WHat are you describing when you say that a child is 10 years olb but acts like a 7-year-old?
    emotional age
  25. AT what stage of life does a child first want control of and structure in his or her environment?
    3 to 5 yearls of age
  26. How would Dr.Frankl describe a positive child?
    • accepts treatment
    • is willing to comply
    • follows directions
  27. Which situation would most likely include the use of a papoose board?
    extraction on a 3 year-old
  28. Which of the following have limitations in children who are mentally challanged?
    • speech
    • IQ
  29. Another name for Down Syndrome is
    trisomy 21
  30. Cerebral palsy is a nonprogressive neural disorder caused by
    brain damage
  31. At what age should a child first see a dentist for a regular examination?
    2 years
  32. If a patient has a high risk of decay, how often should readiographs be taken?
    every six months
  33. How is fluoride varnish prescribed for children with high decay rate?
    as prescription fluoride
  34. What procedure is recommended to the protect the pits and fissures of posterior teeth?
  35. At what phase of orthodontics would a pediatric dentist intercede in getting a patient to stop sucking his or her thumb?
  36. If you are a competitive swimmer, is it recommended that you wear mouth guard?
  37. What matrices are used on primary teeth?
    • T-band
    • Spot welded
  38. What endodontic procedure would be performed on primary teeth?
  39. Would a child be reffered to a prosthodontic for the placement of a stainless steel crown?
  40. In children, which teeth are most frequently injured?
    maxillary anterior
  41. When a tooth is avulsed, it has
    come out
  42. How does the dentist stabilize a tooth after an injury?
    with a temporary splint
  43. Who in the dental office is legally require to report child abuse?
  44. What could be a possible sign of child abuse?
    • chipped or fracture teeth
    • bruises
    • scars on the lips or tongue
  45. What organizartion should be contacted if someone suspects child abuse?
    Child Protective Services of the Public Health Department
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