Parts of the Brain

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  1. function of the medulla?
    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Pressure
    • Breathing
  2. function of the pons?
    • Sleep
    • Attention
    • Regulating body movement
    • Alertness
  3. function of the cerebellum?
    • balance
    • coordination
  4. function of the reticular activating system?
    • Attention
    • Sleep
    • Arousal
    • Stimulation of this makes us Alert
    • Affects arousal by increasing HR and BP
    • Increases brain activity
    • Can screen out some noises
  5. function of the thalamus?
    • Relay station for sensory stimulation
    • Transits sensory information
    • Relays sensory input from eyes/ ears to appropriate parts of brain for interpretation of input
  6. function of the hypothalamus?
    • Storage of nutrients
    • Hunger and Thirst
    • Various aspects of motivation and emotion
    • Regulation of bdy temperature

    • Sexual Behavior
    • Caring for offspring
    • Aggression
    • Behaviors like fighting, mating, or nest building
  7. function of the cerebrum?
    • 70% of brain weight
    • wrinkled with ridges and valleys
  8. function of the cerebral cortex?
    • Complex motor functions
    • Language
    • Emotions
    • Perception
    • Memory
    • Outer layer; part that makes us uniquely human (the part that thinks)
  9. function of the corpus callosum?
    • connects the two hemispheres
    • info from one side is transmitted to opposite hemisphere
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