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  1. What insulin is the longest duration
    ultralente insulin (humulin U)
  2. What is SIADH
    Syndrome of Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone
  3. What is SIADH related to
    endocrine problems
  4. What is a classic symptom expected to be seen in patient that are being treated doe SIADH
    Diabetic insipidus- because SIADH is being treated therefore excessive urine is coming out
  5. What is pheochromocytoma
    tumor in the adrenal gland
  6. What do you not do when taking care of a pt with pheochromocytoma.
    Do not palpate because adrenal gland will release catecholamines in response to the stress
  7. If a patient is vissually impair, can he give himself insulin with the insulin pen
    NO because he cant see to dial up the pen (question order)
  8. What is myexdema
    untreated or severe hypothyroid
  9. Why would a pt with myexdema have dry skin
    because polyuria is one of the S/S of hypothyroidism and polyuria cause dry skin
  10. What is adrenal
    a endocrine gland that lay on top of the kidney
  11. Why does a patient with adrenal insuficiency become hypoglycemic
    because if adrenal is insuficient it does not produce enough thyroid hormone (corticosteroid) that's why the sugar is low.
  12. What is proventil (alteburol inhalation)
    • -is bronchodialator drugs
    • -it relax muscle in the airway and increase air flow to the lung.
  13. Who gets proventil
    • -asthmatic pt
    • -COPD
  14. What is the side effect of proventil
    palpitation (unsual strong heart beat, usually assoiciated with anxiety or panic attack)
  15. What is adventitious
  16. What is S/S of asthmatic
    wheezing, it is adventitious
  17. Why do we need to monitor potassium when giving Lasix
    • because lasix is potassium depleting drug
    • (3.5-5.0)
  18. What is sponteneous pneumothorax
    unilateral chest pain with fluid, air pus
  19. What is emphyxema
    a lung disease that involves damage to the air sacs(alvioli), increase the surface areas capillaries dies; pt are able to get out
  20. What is #1 to stop TB
    TB is droplet airborn, need to cover mouth and nose and tissue if mask is not available
  21. What acid base inbalance in pt with emphysema, what's he at risk at.
    Respiratory acidosis because he blew of the CO2
  22. What intervnetion do you use for a patient with emphysema and fever
    hydrate pt
  23. what is atelectasis
    colapse part or whole lung
  24. a few days postop pt complains of SOB and have decrease of breath sounds and suddlenly he has no breath sounds what do we call that
  25. How do you suction using catheter to prevent hypoxia
    • -1st = oxygenate pt
    • -insert tube all the way in without pushing the buttom then suction for 10 seconds

    KEY word: do not start suctioning until you got all the way in.
  26. Why is pain med. is the first priority with oncology pt.
    • -oncology is cancer and having a lot of pain
    • -be generous with pain med. to keep pt. confortable
  27. if you administer chemotherapy drugs what kind of PPE would you need
  28. what is neutopenic
    lack of WBC
  29. pt. is neutropenic, what kind of isolation should he has
    • -reserve isolation=protect him from us
    • -only cooked food, no flowers
    • -disposible utencils
  30. What is the best time to do a BSE(breast self exam)
    once a month after period
  31. pt having redium implant (radio active therapy) for cancer whatr do we teach the pt before he sent home
    follow up doctor for check up
  32. what is early sign of cancer
    • -painless lesions
    • -painless hematuria (blood in urine)
    • -painless in moles and skin lessions
    • -change in bowel and bladder habits
    • -hoarse (rough and harsh in sounds)
  33. pt has chemotherapy and having myelosuppression (bone suppression) what do we suppress
    suppress bone marrow (RBC, WBC, clotting, immunity...)
  34. is bleedding gums related to myelosupression in pt with chemotherapy
    YES because of the lack of clotting factor
  35. tumor marker what is T,N,M
    • -T=tumor
    • -N=node
    • -M=mastastisize

    ex: t,n,m=1,0,0=1 (1 tumor, 0 nodes, 0 matastisized)
  36. What is S/S of infection
    • -fever
    • -chills
    • -SOTH
    • -restlessness
    • -not feel good
  37. What is HIV
    • -human Immunodefeciency Virus
    • -is viral infection
    • -you dont die from virus but die from secondary infection
  38. What do you try to prevent Pt. from getting
    • -infection
    • -teach pt to avoid the crowd
  39. how do you know pt goes from HIV to AIDS
    • -Tcells<200 (keep the above 200)
    • -it is called CD4 count
  40. What labs do we use for HIV/AIDS
    viral load ( the amount of viral in blood), it determines if you are HIV or AIDS
  41. what is HIPPA
    privacy rules provides federal protection for personal health information
  42. What is vericose vein
    veins that are swollen, contorted (twisted) sometime painful that filled with abnormal collection of blood
  43. what kind of symptom of varicose veins
    • -achy
    • -throbbing pain ussually on the legs
  44. what normal H & H (hemoglobin & hemotocrit)
    • -female 12-16
    • -male 14-18
  45. hemotocrit =
    hemoglobin times 3
  46. pt is having transfusion complain of backache, what would you do
    • -stop tranfusion
    • -star IV with NS
    • -get urine specimen to check for kidney destruction due to back pain
    • -check VS
    • -send everything to the lab
  47. what's digoxin
    • -Diuretic
    • -lasix- aminophylline
    • -med to treat congestive heart failure
    • -slow down and strengthen heart rate
    • -pulmonary congestion
  48. What do you do before giving digoxin
    • -check apical pulse for a full minute
    • -hold med. if hr is <60 or >100
    • -check lab for digoxin and potassium
    • -0.5-2.0 mg/dl
  49. patient takin digoxin tell you she doesn't feel like eating(anarexia) and complains of nausea, is it sings of digoxin toxicity (excess doses of digoxin consumed)
    YES need to hold med. and check lab
  50. what comes before right hearth failure (RHF)
    • -left side heart failure
    • -pulmonary congestion
  51. what is classic symptom of left heart failure
    peripheral edema (fluid filled up from leg all the way to head)
  52. classic symptoms of right sided heart failure
    • -dependent pedal & sacral edema (liver engorgement)
    • -anasarca (total body edema)
    • -pink frothy sputum
    • -pulmonary edema
    • -JVD
    • -Ascities
  53. What are S/S of MI (myocardial Infraction)
    -substernal pain (first of hand and chest)
  54. what do you ask pt b4 you do a coronaty angiogram
    are you allergic to iodine
  55. where is femoral artery
    groin area
  56. pt just had coronary angiogram going thru femoral artey, how do you position postop
    lay flat with legs extended to prevent embolism
  57. what's nitroglycerine
    • -vasodilator drug
    • -treat angina/MI caused by heart disease
  58. how do you know your pt is having MI or angina
    if pt is given nitroglycerine 3 times 5 minutes apart and chest pain is still there then it's an MI
  59. what does profused sweating has to do with MI
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