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  1. Megagametophyte =
    haploid tissue of plant life cycle where the egg is formed by mitosis
  2. Microgametophyte =
    haploid tissue of plant life cycle where the sperm is formed by mitosis, alternation of generation
  3. Contain seeds but no fruit nor double fertilization ___
  4. In gymnosperms, where is the gametophyte?
    Cone or Strobili
  5. What are the 5 divisions of seed plants with living representatives?
    • 1. Cycadophyta
    • 2. Ginkgophyta
    • 3. Coniferophyta (gymnosperms)
    • 4. Gnetophyta
    • 5. Magnoliophyta (angiosperms)
  6. What produces archegonia in gymnosperms?
    The Female Gametophyte
  7. Pollen Grain:
    partly developed male gametophyte is transfered mainly by wind to the area of the female gametophyte (called pollination), water is not required for the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg.
  8. Pollen Tube:
    after pollination the endosporic male gametophyte produces a tubular outgrowth.
  9. What division of gymnosperms is the most numerous and widespread?
    Division Coniferophyta (pine, cedar, fir, sequoia, cypress, juniper)
  10. Are coniferophytas monoecious or dioecious?
    monoecious. Micro (pollen producing cones) are on lower branches and mega are on the upper branches.
  11. Ovuliferous Scales ___
    bear the ovules, entire modified determinate branch systems known as seed scale complexes, the scales are arranged spirally around the axis of the cone.
  12. With coniferophyta, each megasporangium (2n) contains a ___ megasporocyte that undergoes ___ which gives rise to a series of ___ megaspores (only 1 is functional). The megaspore divides by ___ and grows into a large coenocytic (multinucleate) megagametophyte by free nuclear division.
    single, meiosis, 4, mitosis
  13. Conifeophyta: what is the nucellus and where will archegonia form?
    The nucellus is the 2n tissue surrounding the megagametophyte. Archegonia are formed around the egg cells.
  14. The conifer seeds consist of ____
    2 diploid sporophytic generations (seed coat and embryo) and 1 haploid gametophytic generation.
  15. With conifers, the gametophyte serves as a food reserve, the ___ consists of a hypocotyl root axis.
  16. Are all seed plants heterosporous?
  17. All seed plants produce what?
    Megaspores and microspores that give rise to mega and microgametophytes
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