Honors English (Eleventh Grade)

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  1. Reverend Parris
    • Reverend of Salem where accusations of witchcraft began.
    • Father to Betty; Uncle to Abigail Williams.
    • Did not want accusations directed at his parishoiners.
    • Ended up having entire community against him.
    • Betty and Abigail took all his money, leaving him penniless.
  2. Tituba
    • Parris's slave from Barbados.
    • Girls asked her to conjure spirits.
    • Was initially accused of witchcraft.
    • Whipped until she confessed.
  3. Abigail Williams
    • Reverend Parris's niece who was caught dancing in the woods.
    • Parents were killed by Indians.
    • Had affair with John Proctor and was fired.
    • Ringleader of accusers.
    • Extreamly manipulative.
  4. Mrs. Putnam
    • Lost seven babies in childbirth.
    • Wanted a scapegoat.
    • Turned on her midwives.
    • Daughter Ruth was "afflicted."
  5. Mr. Thomas Putnam
    • Land-grabbing heathen.
    • Accused people with large acreage.
    • Prompted daughter to falsely cry witchcraft on Cecil Jacobs.
  6. Mary Warren
    • Worked for Proctors.
    • Initially was official of court.
    • Made "poppet" for Elizabeth Proctor.
    • Tried to do right thing, caved under peer pressure.
  7. John Proctor
    • Had affair with Abigail Williams.
    • Had weighty name in town.
    • Confessed in court to affair.
    • Accused of witchcraft.
    • Signed name, but tore up.
    • Was hanged.
  8. Rebecca Nurse
    • Voice of Reason.
    • Said children would grow tired of game.
    • Ended up accused of witchcraft.
    • Hanged.
  9. Giles Corey
    • Partnered with Proctor against witchcraft.
    • Accused Putnam of false accusations.
    • Was in contempt of court.
    • Would not reveal source.
    • Died by being pressed to death.
    • Last words were, "More weight."
  10. Reverend Hale
    • Expert in witchcraft.
    • Summond to Salem by Parris.
    • Found evidence of witchcraft.
    • Completely changed attitude.
    • Strived with accused "to lie."
  11. Elizabeth Proctor
    • Wife of John Proctor.
    • Did not completely forgive affair.
    • Would never lie.
    • Lied in court to save Proctor.
    • Finally forgave Proctor, watched him hang.
  12. Judge Danforth
    • Main judge in trials.
    • Never wanted to be found wrong.
    • Felt he was doing "God's work."
    • Felt justified in hanging people.
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