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  1. inveigle
    persuade (someone) to do something by means of deception or flattery; coax; wheedle; entice; cajole
  2. timorous
    showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence : a timorous voice.
  3. intractable
    • hard to control or deal with : intractable economic problems | intractable pain.
    • • (of a person) difficult; stubborn.
  4. recrudesce
    break out again; recur
  5. facetious
    treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant
  6. patent
    easily recognizable; obvious
  7. solicitious
    characterized by or showing interest or concern: she was always solicitious about the welfare of her students
  8. irresolute
    showing or feeling hesitancy; uncertain
  9. Blandishment
    words used to coax or flatter [blandish (v)]
  10. Feckless
    feeble; helpless; lacking in initiativ
  11. Repine
    fret; be discontente
  12. Recondite
  13. Stygian
    very dark
  14. exhort
    to strongly encourage; urge
  15. Minatory
  16. nugatory
    of minor significance; futile
  17. aphoristic
    expressed tersely
  18. baleful
  19. natty
    fashionable, neat, dapper
  20. sidereal
    of or related to stars
  21. extirpate
    wipe out totally
  22. halcyon
    peaceful and happy; calm
  23. refulgent
    glowing; radiant
  24. epistemology
    theory of knowledge
  25. froward
    stubborn; wayward; disobedient
  26. untoward
    unexpected and inconvenient
  27. supine
    lying flat on one's back
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