Nucelotide Metabolism

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  1. Spingosine formed from...?
  2. Histamine fromed from...?
  3. Serotonin and Nicotinamine formed from...?
  4. Thyroxine, Epinephrine, Tryptophan, 5,6-dihydroxyindole formed from...?
  5. What are the two ways to synthesize nucleotides?
    • Slavage Pathway
    • De Novo Pathway (from Scratch)
  6. What is the salvage pathway?
    Acivated ribose (PRPP) + base ---> Nucleotide
  7. what is the de novo pathway?
    activated ribose (PRPP) + amino acids and other things ---> nucleotides
  8. Adenine
    • Adenosine AMP
    • deoxyadenosine dAMP
  9. Guanine
    • Guanosine GMP
    • Deoxyguranosine dGMP
  10. Uracil
    • Uridine UMP
    • None
  11. Cytosine
    • Cytidine CMP
    • Deoxycytidine dCMP
  12. Thymine
    • None
    • Thymidine (TMP)
  13. Pyrimidines
    • Cytosine
    • Uracil
    • Thymine
  14. Pyrimidine Ring De Novo Synthesis
    Base made first then added to sugar and phosphate
  15. Orotate
    Precursor for Pyrimidine base
  16. CTP formed from?
  17. Purine
    • Adenine
    • Guanine
  18. Purine ring is...
    Base is built on sugar
  19. PRPP need for which De Novo pathway?
  20. IMP leads to?
    ATP and GTP which lead to dATP and dGTP respectively
  21. Enzyme?
    Adenine +PRPP--->Adenylate PPi
    adenine phosphoribosyl trasferase
  22. Emzyme?
    Guanine + PRPP ---> guanylate + PPi
    Hypoxanthine + PRPP ---> inosinate + PPi
    Hypoanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPRT)
  23. Shortage of HGPRT leads to?
    Lesch-Nyham Sydrome
  24. What is Lesch-Nyham Syndrome?
    • Chew on self!
    • X-linked
    • HGPRT deficiency-->PRPP accumulation--.Stimulates purine base synthesis-->increase uric acid
    • Causes crippling gouty arthritis, sever neuropathy resulting in mental retardation, aggression, and self mutilation
  25. Enzyme that converts A(G/C/U)DP to dA(G/C/U)DP?
    Ribonucleotide reductase
  26. dUMP-->TMP by?
    Thymidylate synthase
  27. Dihydrofolate-->Tetrahydrofolate by?
    Dihydrofolate reductase
  28. Two enzymes targeted by Anti-cancer drugs?
    • Dihydrofolate reductase
    • Thymidylate synthase
  29. Fluorouracil
    Suicide inhibitor prevents dUMP to TMP
  30. Aminopterin and Metotrexate
    Competitive inhibitors that compete to get dihydrofolate
  31. CTP inhibits...
    ATCase whitle ATP stimulates it
  32. PRPP inhibited before and after by?
    IMP, AMP, and GMP
  33. AMP inhibits and stimulates?
    • Inhibites IMP to Adenylosuccinate
    • Stimulates GMP
  34. GMP inhibits and stimulates?
    • GMP inhibits IMP to Xanthylate
    • Stimulates AMP
  35. Ribonucleotide reducates inhibited by?
    Stinumlated by?
    • dATP
    • ATP
  36. TTP inhibits self and CTP production and encourages production of?
    purines by stimulating GTP
  37. Gout
    • Build up of uric acid in joints
    • needle shaped sodium urate cyrstals
    • Caused by renal failure lack of HGPRT or G-6_P deficiency
    • Treated with allopurinol (inhibits xanthione oxidase, less uric acid accumulation)
  38. SCID (sever combined immunodeficiency syndrome)
    • Adenosine deaminase deficiency
    • no antibodies or T cells
    • ATP depleted
    • Treated with bone marrow transplant and gene therapy
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