Abnormal Psych1

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  1. Affect
    Pattern of observable behaviors, i.e.- facial expressions
  2. Mood
    sustained emotional response
  3. Clinical Depression
    depressed mood accompanied by several other symptoms (fatigue, loss of energy, changes in appetite)
  4. Mania
    Opposite of depression, elated mood, infalted self-esteem, decreased need for sleep
  5. Unipolar
    Only episodes of depression
  6. Bipolar
    Episodes of depression and mania
  7. Emotion
    state of arousal that's defined by subjective feelings like sadness, anger, happy
  8. Mood Disorder
    short period of time where persons mood is either manic of depressed.
  9. Dysphoric
    unpleasant mood associated with depression
  10. Dysthymia
    chronic mild depressive condition present for many years. (over 2 years) and have 2 or more of poor appetite/overeating, fatigue, insomnia/hypersomnia, low self-esteem
  11. Hypomania
    Increased energy thats not full blow mania. Hypomania only last for a few days. 1 week=Mania.
  12. Cyclothymia
    chronic but less severe of bipolar. Person experiences several times of hypomania and frequent periods of depression during 2 years.
  13. Remission
    Improved or dimished
  14. Relapse
    return of symptoms in person who has recovered.
  15. Stress generation
    people who create difficult circumstances increase level of stress in life. Depressed ppl create more stress.
  16. Egoistic Suicide
    People become detached from society when they feel existence is meaningless.
  17. Altruistic Suicide
    rules of the social group dictate that person must sacrifice his/her own life for others.
  18. Anomic Suicide
    occurs after breakdown in social order or disruption of norms that govern peoples beahavior.
  19. Fatalistic Suicide
    circumstances person lives in becomes unbearable.
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