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  1. First Shaker community founded by
    Mother Ann Lee
  2. Why has the Shaker community died out?
    because of their priniciple of celibacy
  3. Eli Whitney invented the
    cotton gin
  4. As a result of the cotton gin
    slavery became harder to abolish because Southerners wanted more slaves to sift through all the cotton
  5. Philadelphia-Lancanster Turnpike
    turkpikes aka 'toll roads' created as a part of internal improvements
  6. Significance of the Election of 1800
    • -12th Amendment-->elect P & VP together to provent dead lock
    • -shift from federalists to democrat republicans without violence etc.
  7. Judiciary Act of 1801
    • -created a dilema which ended up in Marbury vs. Madison
    • -Midnight appointments came from this which led to the case that created Judiciary Review
  8. Conflict with Barbury Pirates in North Africa 1801-1805
    wanted tribute but Prez refuses so they constantly fight
  9. Marbury v. Madison
    • -Court Justice Mr. Marshall
    • -As a result Judicial review created
  10. Lousiana Purchase
    • -occurs under Andrew Jackson
    • -expanded U.S. territory greatly
  11. Aaron Burr kills...
    Alexander Hamilton in a deul
  12. Burr Conspiracy
    • Burr conspired against U.S.
    • Tried to take land from U.S.and Spain under Britian (their military supposed to help)
    • Was captured, tried, convicted of Treason, and humiliated
  13. Embargo Act and Signifigance
    • Tried to protect our shipping against Brit/French to protect from impressment
    • hurt N/E traders/business traders
    • As a result act is repealled
  14. Father of the steamboat who builds the Clermont
    Robert Fulton
  15. 1808 U.S. constitution forbids...
    the importation of slaves as of this date
  16. Non intercourse act forbids trade with...
    Great Britain and France
  17. as a result of the Non-intercourse act
    • replaces embargo act
    • traders couldn't trade with Brits or French
  18. 1808 Election of...
    James Madison
  19. 1811 Battle of...
  20. 1812 reelection of...
    James Madison
  21. Following the reelection of James Madison...Congress declares
    war on Great Britain
  22. Boston Manufacturing Company opens in
    • Waltham, Mass.
    • -->major factory town
  23. Captain__ destrooys British fleet in the batte of ____
    • Captain Oliver Hazard Perry
    • Battle of Lake Erie
  24. Battle of Lake Erie was..
    a success
  25. General William Henr Harrison defeats____ in the Battle of the _____ where _______ dies.
    • British
    • Battle of Thames
    • Tecumseh
  26. 1814 Brits/Canadians burn_____ down
    Washington D.C.
  27. _____ was written during the bombardment of ______
    • star spangled banner
    • Ft. McHenry
  28. This treaty officially ended the War of 1812
    Treaty of Ghent
  29. Hartford Convention:
    • in Hartford Conneticut
    • talking about how they didn't like/wanted to revise the consitution/war of 1812
    • Death of federalist party as a result
  30. Battle of New Orleans: Gneral ____ defeats British
    Andrew Jackson
  31. Creation of the Second Bank of the U.S.
    Nicholas Biddle
  32. What did all the presidents around 1815 have in common?
    With peeps becoming prez they all had been secretary of state before becoming prez
  33. 1817-1824 was the era of
    Good Feelings aka "nonpartisan harmony"
  34. importance of era of good feelings
    created a politial party
  35. Rush Bagot Agreement
    • limitations of AM. & Br. Military of Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes
    • watned British to demilitarize the Lake
  36. American Colonization Society is founded in order to___
    establish the Republic of Liberia for freed slaves
  37. Transcontinental Treaty Aka
    Adams-Onis treaty
  38. signifigance of Transcontinental Treaty
    signifigance: added florida to U.S.
  39. Dartmouth College v. Woodward
    • where the state attempted to declare it a public insititution but its charter could not be vavered in the end
    • had a charter that could've vaver, sanctity with contracts
  40. McCulloch v. Maryland
    • tried to tax bank and federal gov't said no.
    • had to do with the banks-->someone tried to sue the banks
  41. 1819-1822=
    economic depression
  42. Missouri Compromise Signifigance
    • attempted before with tallmadge amendment but failed
    • this balanced the senate because Maine came as a slave state and Missouri became a free state to balance the sentate
    • made imaginary border line where you could not have slavery
  43. Market Revolution/Growth of cities, factories
    • Industrial Revolution: tremendous growth in economy
    • Lots of immigrants from Germany and Ireland (around the time of the Potato famine)
  44. Monroe Doctrine Signifigance
    • Made it so U.S. stayed out european affairs
    • Declared that N. America was not a place where Europeans could colonize anymore
  45. Signifigance of Gibbons v. Ogden
    • Monopoly and defined innerstate commerce
    • nonregulation from outside state
  46. "Corrupt Bargain" signifigance
    • Henry Clay & John Q. Adams gang up on Andrew Jackson
    • Henry becomes prez
  47. Erie Canal completed: first line of song
    • Erie Canal: success
    • "Erie was rising and the gin was getting low"
  48. American Temperance Union begins to
    fight drunkenness
  49. Tariff of Abominations
    • supposed to protect ppl but hurt southerners (who had to sell cotton to N/E and were charged more on incoming goods because they coudn't sell all their cotton)
    • as a result = nullification crisis
    • was repealed eventually
  50. Tariff on Abominations provoked VP John Calhoun
    to write the "South Carolina Exposition and Protest", a defense of the doctrine of nullification
  51. Jackson's Kitchen Cabinet:
    Unofficial advisors
  52. Prison reform debate: Auburn v. Philadelphia system
    sides: debate over encarcerated people forced into solitary confinement (Philly wanted) v. type of prison were inmates were aloud to be social
  53. Utopian Communities flourish. Ex:'s
    • Oneida Community
    • Amana Colony
  54. Daniel Webster's "Second Reply to Hayne"
    union "perpetual and indissoluble"
  55. Joseph Smith reveals the
    Book of Mormon
  56. Nat Turner
    • rebels in Virginia
    • At this time slave owners were really afraid of slave revolts because they were outnumbered
  57. Cherokee Nation v. Georgia signifigance
    • made it so federal law=responsible of everyone
    • Cherokees weren't aloud to be their own nation
  58. William Lloyd Garrison founds the
    New England Slavery Society and The Liberator
  59. Alexis de Tocqueville tours america and writes
    democracy in america
  60. Indian Removal Act leads to
    Trail of Tears
  61. S. Carolina: Ordinance of Nullification
    • s. carolina said certain laws didn't apply to them
    • Jackson sent in troops to regulate his contrary to s. carolina's scewed belief
  62. force bill by Jackson
    sends troops to enforce tariff
  63. Jackson vetoes____recharter bill
  64. Worcester v. Georgia
    • cherokee nation tried to "civilize Indians" to missionaries, two missionaries
    • ruled that georgia had nonjudisdiction over cherokee nation
  65. re-election of andrew jackson in
  66. Roger B. Taney=
    Secretary of the Treasury
  67. Roger Taney orders Treasury funds
    removed from Bank of the United States
  68. Battle of San Jacinto
    Texans with Sam Houston defeated mexicans
  69. Spicie Circular to control
  70. Election of Martin Van Buren
    selected successor for Jackson
  71. Charle River Bridge v. Warren Bridge
    • Cheif Justice: Robret Taney
    • Signifigance: shift in the court: no longer Marshall as court justice
    • -->shift of focus of community v. corporation; sate v. federal
  72. Horace Mann calls for
    common schools
  73. Log Cabin Campaign
    Election of William Henry Harrison
    • William Henry Harrison
    • John Tyler
  75. Preemption Act grants
    "squaters rights" in the west
  76. Webster-Ashburton Treaty
    establishes maine's boundary
  77. ____begins campaign for the humane treatement of the insane
    dorthea dix
  78. Election of James K. Polk
    • annexes Texas
    • "Manifest Destiny"
  79. Wilmot Proviso
    act that failed to pass congress multiple times that would've served as a banned slavery
  80. Mr. Polk fights war with
  81. ____leads migration to great salt lake
    birgham young
  82. general____ captures mexico city
    Winfield Scott
  83. Gold is discovered at Sutters Mill in
  84. Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
    • -gave US CA, UT, AND NM
    • -Established Mexican-US border at Rio Grande
    • *****
  85. As a result of Mexican War
    Zachary Taylor elected
  86. Seneca Falls convention and the draft of the _____ by _____ and ____
    • Declaration of Sentiments
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    • Lucretia Mott
  87. Compromise of 1850: Henry Clay
    • California becomes free state
    • No longer could buy/sell slaves in district of columbia (washington dc)
    • left slavery undecided in UT and NM
    • Settled Texas-Mexico boundary dispute
    • Fugitive Slave Act
  88. Nathaniel Hawthorne published the
    Scarlet Letter
  89. Maine bands____beverages
  90. ____ published Moby Dick
    Herman Melville
  91. ___attacks conformity in Walden
    Henry David Thoreau
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