Chp. 31 Labor Law & 42 Cyberlaw Questions

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  1. The government may access electronic communications that have been stored for 180 days or less by having a subpoena.
  2. Internet service providers must reveal the identity of customers who have posted defamatory information.
  3. Copying a music CD and distributing on the Internet is generally permissible as long as you don't profit from it.
  4. Describe the rights of employers to monitor the email of employees who are using their employer's email system.
    Employers may monitor employees' emails, regardless of whether an employee has consented.
  5. The use of an e-mail directing the recipient to enter personal information on a website that is an illegal imitation of a legitimate site is called:
  6. The copying and distributing of copyright material using web tools such as Napster infringes the copyright of the original author and may expose the distributor to fines and possible criminal penalties.
  7. Internet Service providers (ISPs) must reveal a user's name when, for example, it is?
    served with a subpoena during litigation.
  8. Users who post defamatory messages are subject to?
    liability for defamation
  9. To access electronic communications that have been stored for 180 days or less, the government must obtain _________ .
    obtain a search warrant
  10. Once the communications have been stored for more than 180 days, the government can access it by obtaining a _____, _____ or _____.
    search warrant, subpoena, or court order.
  11. Employers may monitor a worker's email messages if?
    • (1) the employee consents,
    • (2) the monitoring occurs in the ordinary course of business, or
    • (3) the employer provides the e-mail system.
  12. No reputable company will ask customers to respond to an e-mail with personal information, but
    many fraudsters attempt to gain personal information this way.
  13. The employees of Vibrato, Inc. went on strike because Vibrato refused to bargain in good faith with the union. After the strike, the union members are entitled to get their jobs back even if that means Vibrato must lay off replacement workers.
  14. It is an unfair labor practice for an employer to?
    interfere with a union organizing effort.
  15. Mangini, Inc. sent an e-mail to all of its employees presenting its anti-union views. An employer may vigorously present its anti-union views, but may not use either threats or promises of benefits to defeat a union drive.
  16. Employees of Sun Food Co. have gone out on strike seeking better pay. Sun Food:
    can hire replacement workers at any time.
  17. Several workers at Trico, Inc. were interested in organizing a union. When the President of Trico heard about the employees' discussions, she sent an e-mail to all its workers stating that a union will only hurt the company and that "we are a family that can solve any problems ourselves -- we do not need union activists from outside our company trying to tell us what to do!" Which statement is correct?
    Trico cannot stop the employees from organizing a union.
  18. If the strike is due to an unfair labor practice, such as the refusal to bargain in good faith, the union members are entitled to get their jobs back.
  19. The union may not discipline a union member for criticizing union leadership.
  20. The employer may communicate to the employees why it believes a union would be harmful, but must limit itself to explanation and advocacy.
  21. During a strike management has the right to?
    hire replacement workers
  22. It is an unfair labor practice for an employer to interfere with a union organizing effort.
  23. Roseanna was unhappy with her union. Consequently, Roseanna sent an e-mail to all of the union members criticizing the union officials. The union cannot discipline Roseanna.
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