Driving - Section C

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  1. The three types of tension that drivers normally experience are:
    • Physical
    • Psychological
    • Physiological
  2. Your Competent Driving Licence (CDL) has expired for more than three years. What should you do if you wish to continue driving?
    Undergo the training again, pass the driving test and apply for Probationary Driving Licence (PDL).
  3. What is the minimum age for a Class D Driving Licence?
    17 years old
  4. What licence is required to ride a three wheeled motorcycle?
    Class C
  5. The KEJARA system is an acronym for:
    Road Safety System
  6. Of the following offences, which is included in the scaled offences of the KEJARA system?
    Driving exceeding the speed limit
  7. If you wish to ride a motorcycle with a power of more than 500cc, what licence class should you have?
  8. A motorcyclist holding a Learner Driving Licence (LDL) must obey this regulation every time he rides a motorcycle:
    Display L plate on both front and back of motorcycle
  9. Physical tension affects a drivers:
  10. Minimum age to aquire a driving licence is:
    16 years
  11. The validity period for Part II and III exam results for the purpose of driving licence application is:
    1 year
  12. The cause for physical tension during driving is:
    Driving for a long period of time.
  13. According to the KERJARA System, the Probationary Licence may be revoked if total demerit points collected by the holder reaches:
  14. What is the required health level of an applicant for a driving licence?
    • Physically healthy
    • Able to see 23 metres
    • Not colour blind
  15. The designated maximum speed limit for a car on the highway is?
  16. The validity of a Probationary Driving Licence is?
    2 years
  17. You ride a motorcycle with both your spouse and child as passengers, what offence have you committed?
    Carrying more than one passenger.
  18. For a holder of a Competant Driving Licence (CDL) who have accumulated less than 15 demerit points, 7 demerit points will be deducted if they so not commit any traffic offences for how long?
    24 months
  19. Under the KEJARA system, the demerit point penalty for not carrying the Probationary Licence while driving is:
    5 points
  20. What is the offence committed under the Road Transport Act 1987?
    Driving exceeding the speed limit.
  21. What is the penalty imposed on Probationary Licence Class D holders that have collected over 15 points ont he KEJARA system?
    Revocation of licence
  22. A competent driving licence cannot be renewed after validity period expires:
    3 years
  23. Which of the following offences will be given demerit points under the KEJARA system?

    i) Not carrying insurance certificate
    ii) Ignoring roadsides
    iii) Not fastening seatbelt
    iv) Not carrying Learners Driving Licence
    ii) Ignoring roadsides
  24. Under the KEJARA system, how many demerit points are imposed on a Probationary Licence holder who fails to display the P plates at the front and back of their car?
  25. The remerit points imposed on a driver who fails to produce breath, blood or urine samples without cause is:
    15 points
  26. What is the validity period for the Probationary Driving Licence?
    24 months
  27. The minimum age for class B learners driving licence is:
  28. What is the validity for the Road Regulations Examination (Part I) results?
    2 years from pass date
  29. What types of licence are required by a Public Services vehicle driver?
    Competent Driving Licence and PSV Licence
  30. Under the KEJARA system, what is the penalty imposed on holders of Competent Driving Licence found to have collected over 15 points for the 3 time?
    Suspension of Competent licence for 12 months
  31. Under the KEJARA system, how many demerit points for drivers who commit hte offence of not obeying traffic light signals?
    10 points
  32. A driver hazardly parks in a busy area. Under Section 48 of the Road Transport Act 1987, this action is an offence because it:
    Creates danger, obstruction ir difficulty to other road users
  33. A person who has had the Probationary Licence revoked, cannot get another licence for how long?
    12 months
  34. What class driving licence does not require probationary licence?
    Class E
  35. The permitted alcohol level in breath of a Learner Driving Licence holder is:
    0.00 microgram in 100 ml breath
  36. What should you do if you accidently hit a child on the road?
    Stop the vehicle, provide assistance and lodge a police report.
  37. Holders of the competent Driving licence who accumulate 15 demerit points for the first time will be suspended for how long?
    6 months
  38. How many demerit points will be imposed if the courts find you guilty of incosiderate and reckless driving under the ROad Transport Act?
  39. The KEJARA system is aimed at:
    Reducing the rate of traffic accidents
  40. A driver is caught speeding, how many demerit points according to KEJARA?
    8 points
  41. The Probationary Licence can be revoked if the driver fails to:
    Display P plates
  42. The demerit point imposed on a driver not displaying the P plates is:
    10 poiunts
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