Art Test #1

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    • Human with feline head, from Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany
    • 40,000-28000 BC
    • Paleolithic
    • One of the first sculptures that were larger than palm sized.
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    • Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf), from Willendorf, Austria
    • 28,000-25,000
    • Paleolitchic
    • The artist exaggerated some features and downplayed others like face arms or feet. Depicts a very healthy looking woman may have been the taste of men at the time.
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    • Two bison, reliefs in cave at Le Tuc d'Abudoubert, France
    • 13,000 BC
    • Paleolithic
    • Very realistic looking Bisons
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    • Bison, detail of a painted ceiling in the cave at Altamira, Spain
    • 12,000 BC
    • Paleolithic
    • Artist took advantage of the irregularities of the walls to make the figures stand out. Filled with color that varies in intensity.
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    • Spotted horses and negative hand imprints, wall painting in the cave at Pech-Merle, France
    • 16,000 BC
    • Paleolithic
    • The dots appear very spiritual and the figure could've had a religious significance. The shape of the wall resembles a horse. The handprints could've been signatures.
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    • Hall of the Bulls (left wall) in the cave at Lascaux, France
    • 15,000-10,000BC
    • Paleolithic
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    • Aurochs, horses, and rhinoceroses, wall painting in Chauvet Cave, Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France
    • 30,000-28,000 BC
    • Paleolithic
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    • Rhinoceros, wounded man, and disemboweled bison, painting in the well of the cave at Lascaux
    • 15,000-13,000 BC
    • Paleolithic
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    • Early Neolithic Wall and Tower, Jericho, Jordan
    • 7500 BC
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    • Human figure, from Ain Ghazal, Jordan
    • 6750-6250 BC
    • Nelithic
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    • Restored view of a section of Level VI, Catal Huyuk
    • 7500 BC
    • Neolithic
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    • Aerial view of Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England
    • 2100 BC
    • Neolithic
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